Write a comment I am reminded of a line form Forest Gump when he told Bubba's Mama he was going to buy a shrimp boat, "Are you cazy or just plain stupid!" Barack Hussien Obomber is not BLACK or a hyphenated American. He is Arab and white, period! There is even some serious questions about his right to claim he is an American citizen. He is a page right of Marx and Engles! He's not what he seems. He secretly hates the perceived whitey establishment. His own books excoriate his white grandmother for being racist. (A word BTW which has NO scientific meaning relating to humans). Michael you have been in the sun to long or have suffered to many explosive shocks to your brain if you think for one minute Barack Hussien Obomber is not threat to the nations economy, peace, and stability. You seriously want this jerk to be Commander in Chief of our precious military forces. What do you think will happen to our forces under this empty suit of a Black Liberation communist? Get out of the sun and take a long vacation in Cuba and Venezuela so you can become more accustomed to the world of Barack Hussein Obomber!
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