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Write a comment "What do you propose as an alternative? Elect the candidate who’s the least liked by the people? " Sure! I often choose to vote for somebody not because I like him or her, but because I think they're the right person for the job. "...2001 to 2006 or so, when to question the wisdom of George W's policies was considered "unamerican" or "unpatriotic"" The period of fairly unified foreign and defense policy between Democrats and Republicans lasted from 9/11 to roughly August 2002, when division over the issue of the upcoming war to oust Saddam developed. "you heard a pitch for Obama on the radio? How dare he!" Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. It was a genuine commercial for a local supermarket chain, but whoever created the commercial embedded a partisan pitch for the candidate inside it. I've never heard of combining commercials this way before, and I found it intensely distasteful. "Are you kidding us? Should he be gagged...Don’t tell me that you only preach...the majority of your people clearly enthusiastically..." You are putting words in my mouth here, and I don't like their taste, for I don't accept their validity. Your value as an interlocutor is much diminished when you do this since denying baseless accusations and red-herring statements is a great waste of time.
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