Validity of Tim Lynch's comments Questioned

Write a comment Oh dear, I seem to have stepped on a very sore toe! Tim Lynch says "To say that the soviets were better fighters at the small unit level and better at hand to hand fighting is admitting you know nothing about the soviet army, their battles here, or the American military man. Two words for you my Dari speaking friend "Boro Koshad" and I mean it. Ok, I admit it, I know nothing whatsoever about the soviet army or the American military man! What you attibute to me was a quotation by me of an Afghan who has spent most of long his adult life fighting one foreign invader of his country after another - Commander Maulvi Jalaluddin Haqqani. So I think that he knows a great deal about it and you should stop to take what Afghans like him are saying. I am just relaying it - I have no vested interest in supporting Afghans for any reason, but I do admire their courage. If the Freedom Fighters are so cowardly as you attempt to describe them, then tell me how come, after 7 years of merciless suppression with sophisticated weaponry (so ably typified by your poetic description of how a Predator's Hellfire missile causes "White and black pieces of man and earth" to "blossom onto the live feed" as you watch from the safety of your office in the USA) these poor farmers are still fightin hard, putting you guys on the back foot, causing so many losses to the invaders and now making the NATO commanders talk about it being an "unwinnable" war, having to talk with the freedom fighters if they are to put together an agreement whereby foreign troops can pull out and leave the Afghans to sort it out themselves between your puppet government and the population - like you did in Vietnam with predictable results. When 1,400 prisoners were sprung from Qandahar jail a few months ago, I was told by journalists working in the thick of it since the last 30 years that 100% of the Pashtoon population in both Afghanistan and Pakistan were celebrating the event. That indicates pretty clearly how much popular support you guys have won in your efforts to "win Afghan hearts and minds" over the last 7 years! Congratulations. Almost every day we read of new incidents of Afghan wedding parties bombed, of innocent villagers massacred, of "friendly fire" incidents - toady you killed 9 Afghan soldiers at a post in Khost, it says on BBC - and that does not include all the incidents that you cover up and prevent knowledge from getting to the media. Winning hearts and minds? Too late for that - just get the hell out of there and go back to your own country, which is falling apart, and do something useful and beneficial instead of killing, killing, killing. Lastly, I never said that I can speak any Dari - I know only a few words of Dari, what I wrote was that I speak fluent Pashtoo, which is much more difficult to learn, because I lived amongst the Pashtoons, in their cities and in their countryside, from 1967 to 1979 (when I returned to the UK - I have a house and stables for my horses in Swat, which I built in 1973, and which I still visit, with my Swiss wife, every year). So I presume the two words of Dari that you have learned "Boro koshad" are a term of personal abuse. That's all you have to rely on? I'm not surprised.
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