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US Embassy Bangkok: US Soldier Running Rogue Operation?


img001CJ Grisham was arrested in Texas a second time this past November for criminal trespass.

18 December 2013

A troubled US Army Soldier claimed to be assigned to the US Embassy in Bangkok for an unknown purpose.

The active duty counterintelligence soldier, who has a Top Secret clearance, is stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.  Until recently, when I alerted the Army of a possible rogue operation, the counterintelligence sergeant listed his duty station as the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand.

The soldier has never been stationed in Thailand.  There is no evidence that he has ever visited Thailand.

Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham has a history of money raising scams.  After his internationally publicized arrest in Texas on a weapons-related charge, Grisham raised and absconded with more than $50,000 in legal defense funds.  He did not use the money for his defense, but found an attorney who represented him pro bono.  Grisham was convicted and fined $2,000, with no jail time.  No charges have been filed over the disappearance of the money.

Many Thai women have been targets of scammers posing as US Soldiers who seek money and romance.  Grisham has in the past made a small industry of advising women how to avoid such scams.

Grisham ran rogue operations of a personal nature while stationed in Afghanistan, using his official status as cover.  Army commanders prematurely sent Grisham home from Afghanistan to Texas months before he completed his tour, after he complained on Twitter and on his personal website about his fear of enemy attacks and his mental health symptoms.  Grisham saw no combat.

Until recently, Grisham’s duty station was listed as follows on an official Army computer system:


The US has long maintained a military presence at the US Embassy and satellite facilities in Thailand, conducting liaison and other operations.

The “Army Basic Branch 35”, listed above, is the US Army code for the Intelligence field.  Since the US government does run intelligence operations from the Embassy and related facilities, the listing supports Grisham’s contention that he conducts official business in the Kingdom.

Grisham actually is a counterintelligence sergeant.  Despite his legal woes, Grisham continues to enjoy access to classified communications systems.  The problem is that Grisham is not in Thailand.  Though I alerted the Army about the fraudulent listing, it is unknown to me at this time if changes have been made.

Grisham could use such a listing as cover, to approach and to deceive both US and Thai authorities, masquerading as if he were officially assigned to the US Embassy. This could facilitate high-stakes mischief, potentially complicating Thai-US relations.

We all have seen through WikiLeaks and the revelations of Edward Snowden that the US government wields imperfect control over its Top Secret computer systems, not to mention over the personnel with access to those systems who can abuse them for personal gain.

There is no evidence that Grisham’s official but fraudulent listing was sanctioned by the Pentagon, by the Department of State, or by the US Embassy in Bangkok.

US authorities have understandably declined to comment.

This Army master sergeant has long claimed that he suffers from mental illness, and he has specifically complained that he hears voices in his head.

img003Video of Grisham’s most recent arrest in Texas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGS_qyudXzE

For years, the US Army failed to relieve Grisham of his duties for his serial misconduct, and despite abundant indicators that Grisham is a security risk, the Army failed to curtail his access to classified communications and computer systems.

Texas civilian authorities took a different approach, and prosecuted Grisham. 

Grisham was convicted and fined $2000 for a weapons-related offense. His concealed carry permit was revoked by the State of Texas.

If Grisham is convicted of criminal trespass, his latest charge, scheduled for hearing on 8 January, he faces another $2,000 fine and six months in jail.  In any case, he is not in Bangkok and likely never will be.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    harp1034 · 7 years ago
    So far the Army has not taken any action against MSG Grisham. Could it be that he is an agent provocateur or most likely an useful idiot? The Army usually gives known trouble makers the boot.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Mike Barnett · 7 years ago
    How did Grisham get Thailand listed as his duty station? And why? He's complained long and loud about Michael Yon being in Thailand... is this a concidence? And the listed address appears to be a hotel (The Centrepoint Hotel) - would that be normal for a U.S. serviceman deployed overseas, or should that have raised a flag?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Phillip McKreviss · 7 years ago
    The Army is failing to rein in Grisham, just as it failed to put a bridle on Manning and Hasan. Manning compromised tens of thousands of documents from the same secret networks that Grisham can still access, and Hasan killed people, as Grisham potentially could do, as no one has confiscated his private firearms.

    Second Amendment protections should not be lightly shunted aside, but Grisham already has a firearms-related conviction, the state of Texas revoked his concealed carry permit, and the Army long ago decreed that Grisham should not access Army service weapons in the same profile that has exempted him from completing an Army physical training test for several years. This is surely a violation of regulations. If Grisham is not fit for duty, and it appears that he is not, discharge him.

    Grisham has a history of mental illness. If there is one thing that recent history should have taught us it is that mental illness and firearms do not mix.

    The Army is failing to curb this irresponsible soldier. When will Grisham's commanders order him to surrender his private arsenal to the unit arm's room?

    When will the Army suspend Grisham's top secret clearance? When will the Army finally bring Grisham up on military charges? Conduct unbecoming would be a start. When will Grisham's commanders finally take steps to punitively discharge him from the Army? Grisham has not been an effective NCO for quite some time. He is a walking time bomb. Armed, arrogant, dangerous, mentally ill, and apparently delusional, as he seems to believe that he is assigned to the American Embassy in Bangkok.

    Grisham's chain-of-command needs to be prosecuted right alongside him. They are failing the Army, and they are failing America. Weak, incompetent leaders. America is downsizing: they should be downsized out of the active duty ranks, just like Grisham.

    Phillip McKreviss
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ricky Ricardo · 7 years ago
      I plan to attend the third trial in the Capitol arrest. I've seen two dates for the trial date. The first is Jan. 7th and the second is Jan. 8th. Does anyone know which is correct and where will the trial be held?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Stevesean · 7 years ago
      I suspect CJ would "give" the weapons to his wife and kids. Then he can tell the military he does not have any personally owned weapons.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TheOldMan · 7 years ago
    I don't understand how this fellow can still be an active soldier in the US Army. If he were employed by a private company, he would no longer be employed. No company could risk having a loose cannon like him on the payroll.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tommy Barrios · 7 years ago
    I personally sent emails to this dolts commander and First Sgt complaining about his disgraceful actions, but it looks like the military is no longer concerned about it's public image and continues to let his disgraceful behavior besmirch the Army and the military in general.

    Having been in possession of higher clearances than this moron could ever get, I am still dismayed that the military continues to let this disgrace hold a clearance, much less remain in the Army :eek:
  • This commment is unpublished.
    SRT · 7 years ago
    Michael, knowing how you are very careful not to mis-report, I assume that your sources at Ft. Hood confirmed that the MSG in question is still at Ft Hood.

    A user can change/update their duty location and phone number in the system that you reference above. I say that as there is some information that the user has no control over; that info must be updated through the unit admins, and I was curious if the address and phone fell into that category. They do not (at least mine is fully editable by me).

    Interestingly, the phone number in the profile is for Visa information at the consulate in Chiang Mai while the address is a hotel down the street from the actual embassy in Bangkok.

    Be interesting to see how this episode plays out.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      badVlad · 7 years ago
      The address is not a hotel. The Consular Section of the US Embassy is located at 95 Wireless Road.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        SRT · 7 years ago
        According to the official US Embassy website for Bangkok (http://bangkok.usembassy.gov/index.html), the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) in Thailand has an address on 95 Wireless. The Consular Section and the Defense Attaché Office do not give separate addresses for their sections, so a reasonable assumption is they are located at the Embassy address (120-22 Wireless), but that may not be true, especially for the DAO section.

        Centerpoint Hotel has an address of 100 Wireless. Searching 95 Wireless on google maps gives you the hotel. Not saying google is right, that's just the answer they give.
        • This commment is unpublished.
          badVlad · 7 years ago
          Here you go:

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Hazel · 7 years ago
    If you have complaints or concerns about MSG Grisham, and think his chain of command has been unresponsive, you may file a DoD IG Complaint at this site: http://www.dodig.mil/hotline/hotlinecomplaint.html
    Who May File a Hotline Complaint:
    Members of the public and Department of Defense employees (military members, civilian employees, and DoD contractor employees) may file a complaint with the DoD Hotline.
    Confidentiality and Privacy:
    Consistent with the requirements of the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, it is DoD Hotline policy that Hotline Personnel will not disclose the identity of an individual providing a complaint or information to the DoD Hotline unless the individual consents to such disclosure, or the DoD Hotline Director has determined that such disclosure is otherwise unavoidable in order to address the complaint or information. Such circumstances may include a matter involving a specific danger to health, safety, or a national security issue.
    You are not required to identify yourself when submitting a DoD Hotline complaint. In addition to filing anonymously (where you do not give the DoD Hotline any identifying information), you may also indicate your election of consent or non-consent to disclosure.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donald Freeman · 7 years ago
    Maybe so. What I suspect you have uncovered is an old address in the GAL. I'm sure I have one or three having worked for the Marines, Army and Navy. The GAL isn't really "Global." There are lots of GAL's. Whatever you connected to has an old address in it. Who cleans it up? Probably nobody never.

    If the guy NEVER worked there for at least five minutes I'd wonder about how things got jacked up but still wouldn't suspect malfeasance.

    But keep whacking. I love me some fresh Grisham news :d.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Kevin · 7 years ago
    pulled this off the system:
    Organization: Operations Staff NCO, Defense Attache Office, Bangkok, 5, Active Army
    Address: 95 Wireless Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10 0
    T: 001-800-1 -202-2457
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Stevesean · 7 years ago
    Maybe the chain of command is unresponsive to complaints because he is doing exactly what they want.

    Maybe BJ is an agent provocateur, who is trying to instigate an armed uprising to give the G a reason to clamp down and initiate marshal law.

    It's pretty obvious BJ set out to get arrested when he set out on the "Boy Scout" hike. He was dressed to stand out. He was ready to tape it. He was ready to exploit it in the media.

    CI is his profession. He was trained by the army to do just this type of thing. He will get his followers all riled up, angry and ready to act. Someone is just waiting to pull the trigger on this false flag.
  • This commment is unpublished.
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