To Grateful

Write a comment Grateful, How many new mass graves are getting uncovered right now? How many people have died so far in this war? 1 Million? 2 Million? 6 Million? When does it become a holocaust for you? It already is. However, you have shills and paid propagandists like this tramp lying and you have a minority of a minority lapping it up. When will you realise that this guy is the same as a reporter who followed the SS around in Nazi Germany. It will become obvious sooner or later. In the meantime, enjoy high taxes, low credit and high inflation. All a direct cost of this immoral war justified with lies and key buzzwords like "terrorists"! US soldiers by definition are the terrorists. They are the ones killing innocent Iraqis. Defending one's country, land and people does not make one a terrorist. They are freedom fighters.
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