The Bow-out Bravo

Write a comment Huzzah! Can't take the swill when it's dished back at yah, m'boyo? Yanks don't yap-and-blather when the world is blowing up around them, 'ole boy .... they act! Your Euro-weenie/Brit or Australian-ersatz Brit self-righteous PACT pap only confirms your uneducable thickness - the genocidal wars of the recent centuries were yours, not ours. And the recent ones were/are real deuces that your delusional "enlightened" discussions couldn't/can't do a mite about unless/until the Yanks step in. Let's face it: you chatter so your teeth won't chatter at your dim prospective futures. Our own decline will come only when we have committed the catastrophic national folly of adopting your bovine progressivism. So, pip, pip, cheerio and hurray to your exit, 'ole boy! Exeunt left, and DLTDHYOYWO!
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