Target: Our Mission — Soviet Forces in Poland — Kill Them


jonPhoto: No known restrictions on publication. CBS Eye on the World with John Batchelor. CBS Audio Network. @Batchelorshow

I made this this interview last night on CBS with John Batchelor. Discussing a mission I trained three years to do. Secret at the time. Parachute into Poland near the city of Bialystok. Identify our targets. Kill the operators. Destroy their gear. (Certain radars and missiles). Link up with Polish resistance and fight potentially for years.

There was no extraction. No MEDEVAC. If we got hurt parachuting in, tough luck. We may be forced to bury teammates in Poland, or even usher them along. Including me, of course.

People wondered why later in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other conflict, I was able to withstand so much combat and other fighting and yet still be psychologically normal. Training. Mental preparation.

Or why I never hesitate to stand up to US Generals. Because we trained to make kamikaze mission. I was ready and would have made the nighttime parachute jump. Not afraid to die. When you do not fear death, you are free.

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    Keith · 2 months ago
    "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose"

    Lot of "nothing left to lose" going 'round.

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