Stupid Wogs

Write a comment Sean, if you can not see that the Liberation of Iraq and the birth of its democracy prove the neocons correct (as does the destruction of the oppressive Taliban) you are blind. What has been thrown in the bust bin of history is the 19th century idea that the fuzzy wuzzies, golliwogs and sand niggers are somewhat less than the enlightened the white man of Western Europe. For the Afghans and Iraqis, like us all, "it is a good thing to burn down the capitol and kill the King every now and then.” The question is do they do it in an election or a bloody civil war. Accepting the horrors of the Taliban and the poison gas of Anafal as "just the way it is" is the same apathetic evil that stood slack jawed and watched trains rumble off to concentration camps. Keep on goose stepping Grand Wizard
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