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Statement by President Obama on the Resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus


Office of the Press Secretary

November 9, 2012

Statement by President Obama on the Resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus

David Petraeus has provided extraordinary service to the United States for decades. By any measure, he was one of the outstanding General officers of his generation, helping our military adapt to new challenges, and leading our men and women in uniform through a remarkable period of service in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he helped our nation put those wars on a path to a responsible end. As Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, he has continued to serve with characteristic intellectual rigor, dedication, and patriotism. By any measure, through his lifetime of service David Petraeus has made our country safer and stronger.

Today, I accepted his resignation as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. I am completely confident that the CIA will continue to thrive and carry out its essential mission, and I have the utmost confidence in Acting Director Michael Morell and the men and women of the CIA who work every day to keep our nation safe. Going forward, my thoughts and prayers are with Dave and Holly Petraeus, who has done so much to help military families through her own work. I wish them the very best at this difficult time. 

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Heath · 7 years ago
    Michael, I would say what is on my mind but I would get in trouble if I really said what was on my mind as an American citizen. I am not that good with eloquence so I will just ask a few questions. After Osama Bin Laden was caught 1/2 mile from the Pakistani military academy. Why aren't there million of American troops flooding Pakistan, kicking down doors & taking names etc. and on the Fort Hood shooting. Why is the Islamic murderer not already under a light bulb and punch his face KO'd then shave that dirty bastard's face off and drag that sniveling evil creature in front of a platoon of Military Policemen with rifles at the ready and screw that guy's wheelchair. Tie him on a tree post and screw the blindfold, last word and Marlboro cigarette. The MPs need to blow that Fort Hood murderer away. I am sure I speak for many Americans on what we think should be done. Congraulations on your re-election Obama and as for General Petraeus, in my opinion you can not keep replacing generals & admirals. Work with them and stop skipping intelligence meetings. America re-elected you to do your job. Get it done the right way. You messed up in your 1st term now you are being given a 2nd chance in your 2nd term. I can only imagine how hard the job of being the POTUS is. Even though, I did not vote for you. My prayers go with you to do a much better job as a newly re-elected POTUS.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    chris higgins · 7 years ago
    Petraeus did the right thing. His actions were incredibly foolish.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Army mom · 7 years ago
      I think there is more than one "other woman" involved and Petraeus' swift resignation was probably an effort to squelch as much as possible and to spare his wife and family as much press coverage and humiliation as possible. Everyone makes mistakes. This is a very personal one that should have remained personal.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Heath · 7 years ago
    What did Petraeus do ? Have not been following the TV news lately. Been so busy with work.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Max · 7 years ago
    Hi Michael,

    You are one of the most well informed on the Generals, tho I ack that Petraeus had been moved to the CIA and not your primary venue. I came looking for your "take" on this, as I agree that something here seems fishy, esp. in light of other "reassignments" recently.

    I hope you will (and can - multiple reasons why you might not) weigh in on this. Thanks.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Heath · 7 years ago
    An affair ? In my honest opinion ? I don't want to know about his womanizing habits. I am sure Petraeus is an excellent soldier and general. I want to know if he is taking the fight to the enemy. The same goes for the CinC too. Are our CinC and American Generals killing the enemy ? I would like to think so but Benghazi makes me think the CinC does not have the U.S. Troop's backs so in my opinion, I am cutting General Petraeus some slack. All of the generals got a war going on that they need to be in the fight with their soldiers. Who cares about womanizing ? Maybe his wife but he really needs to be with his men fighting the war on terror.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Brad · 7 years ago
    This is all smoke screen. Obviously Gen Petraeus was about to shed light on the Benghazi incident and Pres Obama had AG Holder start an investigation in to the Director of the CIA. This is not good for our security or the freedom of the American people.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Heywood Jablomi · 7 years ago
    How did Petraeus become DCI while he was conducting this illicit liaison? Did the FBI not do a background investigation? Did they detect the affair then but shrug? or did they miss it entirely?

    On another level, who cares?

    Bubba Clinton still wins the hummer competition for talking to world leaders while Monica was on her knees. Which is more pervy? A blowjob in the Director's suite or cigar play in the Oval Office? I got to go with the cigar, on this one. And Bubba shook his finger at the American public, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky." That was awesome.

    Since we are on the subject, what did the CIA turn up when it investigated J Edgar Hoover at the behest of JFK? We know. We all know. But we do not really care anymore, if we ever did. But I think that there is a cautionary tale behind the example of the most powerful man in America, with files and dirt on everybody, who is a secret cross-dresser and who barely bothers to disguise his relationship with Clyde Tolson. Tolson was Associate Director of the FBI from 1930 until 1972. How fabulous is that?

    We barely apprehend how much strange that JFK got while he was in the White House. His wife vacationed on Aristotle Onassis's personal yacht while she was still the First Lady. Did Hoover whack the Kennedy brothers? It is as valid a hypothesis as any other that I have heard. Bobby became Hoover's boss as Attorney General. Talk about uncomfortable bedfellows.

    So General Petraeus, for whatever reason, fell prey to a predatory girl who can now mount his head on her sexual mantelpiece. She should be very proud. I guess that she just could not control herself in the presence of power. "Weak-kneed" might be one way to put it.

    And the General: *Shrug.* All too human.

    As are we all.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    J House · 7 years ago
    The President and his staff are on record claiming they weren't notified until Wednesday, yet Eric Cantor has known for weeks.
    It is not credible to believe that the POTUS was unaware one of his top cabinet members, none other than the CIA Director, was under investigation by the FBI/Justice Dept. before the House Speaker knew, and certainly not until the day of or after the election.
    They are lying.
    How long has the White House known about this and why now, one week before his Benghazi testimony?
    They say there are no coincindences in the intelligence business.

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