Solomon2, do you believe in democracy and freedom of speech, or not, or what?

Write a comment Solomon2, I’m beginning to have doubts about your democratic credentials. You accuse Obama for (like Commodus) being so sneaky, so devious, as to “RISE TO POWER ON A WAVE OF POPULAR ENTHUSIASM”. Shock, horror! [And he was son of the previous emperor, as well? Sounds more like George W to me!] But anyway I always thought that was how democracy works. More votes = the winner. The most popular candidate wins the election. What do you propose as an alternative? Elect the candidate who’s the least liked by the people? Or did I miss your point? For years, the press supported George W Bush and his policies. Did you say then, “he owes everything to the press, there’s been no substantive analysis”? I guess not, but that's what a lot of disinterested America-watchers abroad concluded. I refer to the years from 2001 to 2006 or so, when to question the wisdom of George W's policies was considered "unamerican" or "unpatriotic", and people who did so got lynched by the press. And then, you heard a pitch for Obama on the radio? How dare he! Does he think there is freedom of speech in the USA? Only Republican whites are allowed to make public statements? Are you kidding us? Should he be gagged because you don't agree with what he says? Do you want a one-party state like China where dissidents are gagged or jailed? “Why should anybody vote for a candidate who is tied by such a rope?” How should I know, I’m not American – ask the clear majority of tens of millions of US voters who are so enthusiastically endorsing him, and backing his “rise to power” by voting for him in the polling booths. Don’t tell me that you only preach "freedom of speech and democracy" so long as the candidate from your party is elected, and so long as you agree with what he is communicating? Oh, and you criticise Commodus for “ensuring long-term military conflict and economic decay”? I can’t believe that you are not comparing him to George W Bush here, but instead to the person whom the majority of your people clearly enthusiastically support as the man best able to come in and clean up the resulting mess and try to halt the tailspin your country is now in. I guess you are getting a little twisted in your attitudes and thoughts. Come on, where is your democracy, where is your freedom of speech and freedom of communication, Mr Solomon2?
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