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30 May 2009

This email came from a friend named Susanne.  I got to know Susanne in Iraq while she was working for the Red Cross.  Susanne is like a silent "Soldiers' Angel" (one of my favorite organizations"; I can't say enough good things about them). I would see her working for the soldiers night and day.  Truly she was exhausted but never quit helping soldiers and their families.  Susanne is one of those quiet heroines that we practically never hear about.  She sent me this email today:

Hello to everyone:

A good friend gave me a heads-up about a soldier in need.  He lost both legs & was burned over half his body while serving in Iraq. He doesn't get many visitors, and his birthday is next week.

Please go to the link below to get his address and, if you can, please send him a birthday card.

Thank you for making his day a special one!!!!



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    Susanne · 11 years ago
    The mom of my friend's battle buddy, SGT Thornhill, has written the story behind the story. Happily, SGT Thornhill has a small but good support system at the Fisher House; I've reprinted most of his mom's letter on my website, listed in Michael's posting above.

    I've also sent a card to SGT Thornhill, wishing him belated birthday greetings (May 17th) and sending him wishes for a strong recovery. How great it is to be able to reinforce how much we care for and support those service members who have sacrificed so much for the rest of us!

    I feel honored that we can continue to support this brave young Soldier! Thank you, Michael, for your kind words, and for all you do to keep the rest of us focused on the right path! You are one heck of a patriot, and I'm proud to call you Friend!!
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    Melissa · 11 years ago
    I will get a card out to him this weekend. I have been a member of Soldiers Angels for 5 years now and have loved every minute of it. Thank you for all you do and also a big thanks to your friend Susanne for all she does!
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    Karen · 11 years ago
    Thanks for your kind comments about Soldiers' Angels, Michael! I've been an "official angel" with that organization for over 4 years and share your feelings about them. I'm honored to work with them and love every aspect of my involvement with them. I will get a belated b-day card off to SGT Thornhill this weekend. Let us know anytime you hear about anyone like that. Most people I know are more than happy to thank and acknowledge our service members for their sacrifices for us and for the country if we just know there's a need.
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    Miss Ladybug · 11 years ago
    I was all set to send a card to this soldier until I received an update from a caringbridge site from the mother of Matthew Wheeler (

    Saturday, May 23, 2009 8:12 AM, CDT
    Wow, I hate to have to address this here, but feel I must. I personally know Daniel Thornhill, his mom and brother. (This was brought up in one of the guest entries which has since been deleted, sorry Carla) They are not the ones that started the email requesting to send Dan birthday cards. I talked with his mother the other day, never realizing this would somehow end up on this website, but since it has and I have first hand knowledge about this, I am going to share with you what she said. Please try to understand, most of these injured soldiers are not comfortable with the hero status being thrust at them. They joined the service, not to become heroes to others, but out of their own passion. They get it, how appreciative we are of their sacrifices, it just makes them uncomfortable to be the recipient of so much gratitude. I know from personal experience. Now, back to what Dan's mother was telling me of the flood of cards and other things he was receiving. He doesn't want the mail (sorry to be so blunt!) and his birthday is now past. Please understand that he is not rejecting any ones concern, just doesn't want the mail. It can be overwhelming at times. Also, quite a few facts in that email posted here, unknowingly to the person posting it, were erroneous. That is all I will say about that, for that is part of the privacy this soldier would like to maintain.
    Have a blessed Memorial weekend and when you see someone in uniform, say "Thanks."
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    Tommy Barrios · 11 years ago
    I agree with Miss Ladybug.

    I went to to blog you quoted Michael and as writer myself I am concerned that you did investigate this further before passing on erroneous information.

    According to the full correct comment by Daniel's mother on Chandler's Watch,

    "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am writing on the behalf of my son, Sgt. Thornhill. You may have received an email or found out about my son. There are errors in the email. We would like you to have the correct information. My sonƒ??s name is Daniel Thornhill, not David Thornhill. He lost both legs just above the knee. He lost part of his right hand. His left hand and both arms are fine. The burns are 30%. Daniel was injured in Afghanistan.

    Daniel has been at the Fisher House for a few weeks. Before then he was in hospitals, military and civilian, since the incident that caused Danielƒ??s injuries. Daniel was injured almost one year ago, not 2 years. Danielƒ??s birthday was 17 May and he spent a quiet day with his brother and myself. His brother and I are not concerned about Danielƒ??s emotional status. Daniel is making friends here. Daniel has myself, his brother and several friends that visit regularly.

    Daniel is a ƒ??just doing my jobƒ? kind of man. He is not one to seek attention. Thank you for all your concern. We know this is everyoneƒ??s way of showing support for the soldiers who stand in harmƒ??s way to protect our freedom. Thank you again.

    Susan Thornhill
    Proud Mother of a Soldier"

    This may seem insignificant to you but this is how the public can be easily misled even by a seasoned reporter. This also exemplifies how frauds, like the one presently in the WH, get elected!
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    SHARON HANSEN · 11 years ago

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