sketchy future?

Write a comment it will be a travesty to the citizens of oure great country if barack obama becomes our next president! despite all of president Bush's faults, he has been part of the colossal and successful effort to prevent any further attacks on american soil and to achieve a successful outcome in iraq. the iraq war was dubbed the next "vietnam" by barack and his colleagues in the democratic party. it is sad that the national and world media as a whole has decided to almost completely ignore our phenomenal successes in iraq! i often wonder if the "big" players in the media giants have lost friends and loved ones in iraq like me and countless other americans have? many of baracks colleagues in the domocratic party have a track record of complete ignorance in regards to islamic fundamentalism, intelligence, and the association between some jihadist in a afghani cave and our country's stability! president clinton had multiple opportunities to kill bin laden during his term but decided against it each time for a litany of illogical reasons! on one occasion president clinton had on hand actionable video feed of bin laden in afghanistan and aborted the missile strike against him because osama was with a prince from an arab nation and president clinton did not want to handle the backlash from the princes death! i wish he would explain this rational of thought to the 3,000 families who never saw their mother,father,son, or daughter again! i urge people to read and investigate the track record of the democrats and their inability to make smart, actionable decisions for any event beyond our borders! their lack of their foresight is absurd!!! peter bergen has written on these miscues extensively and i urge people to take the time and educate themselves on how world events effect every fabric of american society! if barack supporters think the economy is bad now, what do they think will happen if a dirty bomb goes off in times square?
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