Seans a British Journo? No surprise there mate.

Write a comment Sean Jones is funny. It’s remarkable that he is trying to equate the disastrous Soviet and British Empire failures in Afghanistan with the success of the United States. The situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated a little in 2008 but even now is not close the rout suffered by the Russians. The Russians lost 1100 troops a year on average during their 10 year occupation, the US has lost less than 620 total in the six years following the liberation (that includes accidents, the 1100 Russian deaths per year I noted does not). So much for the Sean’s claims about the great hand to hand and infantry skills of the Red Army! A surge (which won the war in Iraq) is coming to Afghanistan. Under effective American leadership (versus the bureaucratic Euro style nightmare that is NATO) the Taliban and al-Qaeda will be defeated (even today the AFP is reporting that the number of foreign fighters sneaking into Afghanistan is declining). Its funny how the left gets profoundly exercised of accidental killing of civilians by the US military but ignores the fact that the US military has ended the brutal oppression of the Afghan people by the Taliban (head shots at the soccer stadium for adultery is just dandy in your book Sean? It just their quaint Afghan way?). GWB's legacy is two new democracies on Iran’s borders. The days of the theocracy in Iran are numbered, just wait. The anti-Americanism of the lefty reporters that dominate the British media is well documented and well understood by the world. Sean’s insulting comments clarify why stuff published by the BBC and other European "news" outlets is not reliable or believable (the one exception is the London Times that honestly described how the pathetic civilian labor leadership and their toady generals almost lost Basra despite the bravery of the British troops). I guess all is not lost with regard to the European media.
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