RUBs: Photo of the Year?


 Signs of progress are everywhere and encouraging, but I sense the criticality that we keep funding flowing to commanders here. Money is ammunition in a counterinsurgency, and commanders have learned to use it effectively at local levels. They say it is better to open schools, build sidewalks and clean up soccer fields than buy tanks or lethal weapons.

Meanwhile, some folks at home have been kind of enough to recognize a couple of my 2007 photographs that depict the signs of success I’ve witnessed. Please have a look. The third photo is from 2005 and shows why we are different than our terrorist enemies. 

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Please click here to read the article “Little Girl

On Monday, February 11, I’ll be a guest on the Dennis Miller radio show.  Dennis always cracks me up, but he also pays close attention and asks very sharp questions. Please check his website to find the stations and airtimes. Tuesday, I’ll will be on “Talk of the Nation” a program hosted by Neal Conan for National Public Radio.  Some of the NPR folks, such as Jacki Lyden, have spent much time here in Iraq.  Jacki is always important to listen to.  Jacki was the first to insist that I start calling myself a journalist, and then she even gave me a tour of NPR HQ back in 2005, allowing me to sit in on an editorial meeting. The longer format of public radio interviews works well for a complex topic like the war in Iraq. 


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