Responses for Brit in Colorado's challenges posted 23/10 17:49

Write a comment Colorado Britle poses the following questions and I’m happy to respond, since with challenges comes progress and I´m a big fan of transparency, accountability and openness. “Regarding the first two thirds of your post: Errrrr, what? Do you have a point?” Have you a low attention span? I’ll reiterate the sequence to refresh your memory. Firstly, you said my message was “insulting”, whilst apparently condoning Baloney’s unbelievably offensive diatribe, to which I was replying in a comparatively sober fashion. My point is that this shows you to be unbalanced, prejudiced and lacking objectivity in your observations. Geddit? Secondly, in your 23-10 / 15.09 post you accused me of lying by claiming not to be a journalist, as I’d written earlier that in 1983, I’d been filming for Aussie TV Ch-9. My point which you’ve missed was to show that I was NOT an employee of Ch-9, or otherwise acting as a journalist, but making an amateur video to raise awareness about what the Reds were really doing in there. I worked on it free, paying all expenses out of my own pocket, out of compassion for the Afghan peoples' suffering under the Soviets. This doco was, indeed, later screened by Ch.9 and, who knows, it could have been what inspired Charlie Wilson when he saw it on a TV from that Jacuzzi in the Hollywood movie! So, you could be forgiven for thinking I was a liar and am actually a professional journalist who is posing as a member of the public, since you seem to appreciate that I am fairly well-informed, like journalists usually are. Therefore, I took it as a compliment. I quite understand and am happy to clear this up for you. Do you get it now? Let me know if there is anything else I wrote that you cannot follow, that I can help you out with. In 1982 I also worked as the local Mr Fixit for Italian TV (RAI) whose main presenter wanted to do a primetime live broadcast in Italy showing the Mujahiddeen fighting the Soviets inside Afghanistan. I arranged it with the Mujaheddin with the help of the ISI, and organised microwave transmitter relay dishes to be positioned linking up in line of site from some live interviews and fighting that was going on over the border, via the highest peak over the Khyber Pass. I negotiated permission and help with logistics on behalf of RAI with the local Afridi and Shinwari tribal chieftains. From the mountains of Khyber the signal was relayed by line of site to the Pak TV tower in Peshawar, and then relayed via boosters to Karachi whence it was relayed via satellite transponders to Fumicino in Rome and successfully broadcast. Quite a feat in 1982, but it still does not make me into a professional journalist, which apparently for you appears to be some kind of term of abuse or disreputability. Geddit? “Large numbers of troops were needed in Iraq due to ...” and “Foreign troops levels in Afghanistan so far (30-50 thousand) .... “ Your Neocon views about the need for enormous numbers of foreign troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are noted, and duly considered too ridiculous for words. Please don’t repeat parrot-fashion these quaint and absurd excuses from the White House for starting pre-emptive wars, they are now largely discredited even in the United States itself and hopefully will soon be officially consigned to the Dustbin of American History Museum where they belong. You are evidently still fixed in the mindset of the old British Empire. This was okay in the 19th century. Nowadays, the world wants peace. To start a war on the excuse of it being to create peace is just the stupidest thing I have ever heard of in my entire life. How much are they paying you, what is your function and what do you do for a job my good fellow? I’ve told you all about myself and answered all your questions, how about coming clean about what sort of trip you are on yourself, Mr ‘Brit in Colorado’? Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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