Response to Mr Daniel Dan - part I

Write a comment Dear Daniel Dan, Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate that you have the guts to speak up and voice your thoughts, and I admire your positive sentiments. I’m very glad to see you care, but you have got a slightly wrong impression coming from my earlier arguments with your rather more militant and aggressive brothers, that I would like to be able clear up for you and anyone else following these interesting and illuminating comments. I love Americans, I have loads of great American friends, with open and enquiring minds and they are all willing to debate and consider facts and other people’s experiences and draw the right conclusions. Don’t mistake my warnings and advice from my personal 40+ years of experience in Afghanistan for anti-Americanism, my friend, just because it questions the conventional wisdom that is promoted on Faux News. Afghans are fine too, they have their traditions and this is what I am trying to get across. It doesn’t mean to say I subscribe to Afghan views, or applaud their vengeful culture; I support whatever is helpful and I oppose bad and harmful acts of everyone, whether they are Afghans or Americans. Don’t shoot the messenger because the message appears distasteful! Be wise, keep an open mind, unglued-up with prejudice, un-blinded by narrow, nationalist bias. Think big, think “world”, and be big enough and open-minded enough to take on board in a positive way things that might be helpful instead of retreating behind this concrete defensive wall of guilt and nationalism. The situation is that the USA has invaded Afghanistan militarily and a large proportion of the people of that country are fighting back because that’s all they know to do under these circumstances. I oppose anyone’s military occupation of other countries. If the Afghans invaded the USA and occupied you militarily I would oppose that too, but this is not the case. The USA is the aggressor. It’s not a bordering country, it’s 12,000 miles away. OK, so it’s true that Al Qaeda did 9/11 then went to hide behind the Afghans, took advantage of them, and the Afghans naively gave them sanctuary, so you went and blew up the whole country and killed tens of thousands of people there, that taught them a good lesson, but that was 7 years ago, what are you doing, still there now in 2008 and planning for troop surges and many more years of military occupation on the pattern of Iraq? Better go home, guys and stop creating more enemies. There are what, 30 million Afghans, and for every single one you kill another 10 from his/her family will rise up and take arms against you. This is why the insurgency is growing and growing as everyone can see and we can all see what it’s going to lead to as well. Nothing good for anyone. I deeply respect your soldiers and the sacrifices they make for their country, they are as brave as any other soldiers. It’s your Commander in Chief, who orders them to go attack this country, that country, whose policies we questions as deeply flawed. My heart goes out to the brave guys who die or get their limbs blown off, in what obviously seems a lost cause to anyone with a modicum of experience and a basic knowledge of relevant history. Why doesn’t anyone come back with proper arguments or facts? I challenge you with different views and facts that do not compute with your rhetoric, and all you can come back with is more character assassination, sarcastic and meaningless remarks like “it must be terrible being you” and more dumb rhetoric. Let’s hear something factual, something that makes sense, please.
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