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Write a comment Marie Claude I do not know the author or the book to which you refer or the reason for its inclusions in your post, other than it being just another example of the numerous ways the French have of expressing their disgust and dislike of the British. The passage from this book is no more than name-calling. Name-calling is normally what is resorted to when you have lost the argument, but if you feel it necessary to immerse yourself in this type of sentiment as a means to reinforce your contempt that’s your prerogative. There is, however, the small matter of historical fact; I believe actions speak louder than words. It may not be good enough for the French that hundreds of thousands of British service personnel died defending and liberating France. Maybe this is why our war dead have their graves in France desecrated by spray-painted graffiti with the words: “dig up your trash its contaminating our soil”. Anyway my original point in my last post was: why do you expect the British or anyone else to fight for France, if my home was being attacked I would want to be the first line of defence not stand by and later complain that my neighbour did not help me defend it, but if my neighbour chose to help I would be grateful and thank him for it. In this analogy there could be two reasons why my neighbour would chose to help me: because we are very good friends or there are vested interests involved; for friends the help given is: unquestioned, unswerving and unconditional. I do not think that Britain and France are good friends. To the British the expression “The Blitz” refers to the bombing campaign direct at British cities; Blitzkrieg (lighting war) is a battlefield tactic to project maximum force on a narrow front to achieve breakthrough, just in case you misunderstood my previous post. Wikipedia is okay for some things but I have many more “reliable” books and encyclopaedia to refer to.
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