Only fooling, Baloney!

Write a comment We are amused to see how so many Americans are so impervious to the subtleties of irony. One presumes Mr Baloney is an American and, judging by his name and fiery temper, one of Irish extraction. One suspected he would take the bait seriously and triumphantly declare himself “the winner” based on one’s weak attempt to patronise his poisonous and mindless diatribe with mock-condescending surrender, couched in an assumed mishmash of dialects one thought he would be able to follow. He exceedeth, even, expectations! But from our dear US friends’ POV it seems he’s let the side down again with yet another stream of foul-mouthed invective and personal abuse. He’s good at that, isn’t he! How very skilful ... Baloney, how come you’re so good at pouring forth such insulting words? One supposes that it comes from long practice combined with a profound anger and hatred for all things foreign. Do you really think that’s the only way to make people quiet, by bully and bluster, insult and abuse? On the contrary, poisonous invective is the last resort of the cornered savage animal, snarling and barking pitifully and grinding its teeth behind its self-imposed bars. Try as you might, Baloney, you can never succeed in insulting this writer for the simple reason that as a matter of principle he never takes offense, and especially when someone like Baloney’s evidently so angry and upset that he loses all judgment and objectivity – if any was there to start with (apparently not, scrolling down his contributions!). But seriously I can understand your pain, Baloney, I know where you are coming from, the conditioning you’ve had. You can’t help being so full of hate, it’s been instilled in you since birth. You’re addicted to this attitude and way of thinking and nothing I nor anyone else can say or do will enable you to open your mind, drop your prejudices, stop being angry and consider what to the rest of us is self-evident truth. I do understand why you write what you write, why you feel what you feel. It’s not your fault and I don’t blame you for it personally. Who knows, one day you might stop being so angry and wake up to living a normal happy life! I hope so. I can also understand your hurt at Haqqani’s dismissive comments comparing the bravery of the Russians and the Americans. It must have stung. I think it’s not really fair. I think militarily we are all about the same. But one would perhaps infer from the psychological POV that underpinning all Baloney’s mindless boastful bluster is a profound underlying weakness and inferiority complex that he and other people as angry, contemptuous and aggressive as he is feel. His contempt for Europeans, Australians and so on is also contempt, presumably, for his own ancestors. This is a precursor of psychological suicide. Baloney – don’t do it! We love you! You are beautiful! Maybe President Obama will be able to find a useful role for you, like in a zoo somewhere, or a museum of prehistoric American dreamers and what became of them on the extinct branch of rabid, bloodthirsty psychotic nationalist thugs and torturers of Guantanamo Bay and other such places. “The Dustbin of American History Museum” ... I can see it now.
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