Oh, and I forgot ... about the USA and Afghanistan

Write a comment Luckily Mr Baloney’s evident present state of mind represents what hopefully appears to be a dying breed. As one of my US Navy Seal friends told me recently (he’s done 3 tours in Iraq and his patriotism is unquestionable), the main reason Bush held back from ordering an attack on that great and peace-loving nation, Iran (which, in contrast to the USA which has attacked other nations over 200 times in less than 200 years, has never attacked another country for over 600 years) was that there were serious indications that had he done so there was a risk of a military coup against the White House and Bush and his whole gang would have been arraigned as traitors. That’s information from inside your own military, Baloney. So I have every hope and confidence that sanity will eventually prevail in your benighted country. Its people on the whole are normal, given the chance and the proper information, and the same as people everywhere – peace-loving, benevolent and kind to their neighbours, willing to help and willing to share. Thankfully, Mr Baloney’s hateful diatribe is his own and does not represent the norm for his countrymen and women. About Haqqani. When I knew him in Paktia in 1983 it was pre-Charlie Wilson, the USA was doing nothing to help the Freedom Fighters at the time. But they were already managing to shoot down MIGs with their heavy machine guns and I have the photographs to prove it. Even then, Haqqani swore that with the support of the Afghan people he and his fellow Freedom Fighters would not only expel every last Russian invader from Afghan soil, but chase them all the way back to Moscow and destroy their empire. It the Americans had not provided the stingers and RPG7s that helped speed this up, somebody else would have. It was the sacrifice of tens of thousands of brave Afghan fighters who died in battle that forced the Russians out, not as Baloney seems to think the USA that did it all alone. Such hubris! It comes before a fall, indeed the fall is already irreversible. As Noel Coward wrote "America is the only society that went through ascendancy and then decadence without ever touching greatness." But I’m not sure I agree with that, there was a time, way back when ... well perhaps not. Now the scene is set perfectly for the Russians to take revenge against that very effective help the USA provided in terms of the wherewithal to enable to Freedom Fighters to become a real nuisance. As when the Soviets were there, the Afghans are not lacking in bravery, only the right kind of weapons to hurt the invader. Let us wait and see how long it is before the bluster of Baloney and his ilk turns into a full scale retreat. Give it a few years? Maybe even months. Let’s wait and see.
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