Write a comment Michael, If you think 'private enterprise', 'freedom' and the like are the longer term result of putting Obama into office, you haven't been paying attention to who he is and to the people he's spent the last twenty five years sipping tea with... Obama certainly will weaken our military to the point where it is useless beyond meals on wheels, and he will break our economy in the name of 'fairness', and he will tax all sizes of business into ruin in the name of 'good government making decisions for all the people'. I realize you have larger things in your sights right now, but you simply MUST do some serious reading about him before you go on imagining what he is like. I realize McCain isn't a wonderful candidate, but he at least comes from the generation which fought communism. Obama thinks the theories of Marx and the deeds of Lenin are teaching moments. Ayers and his pals, during their ill fated 'revolution', actually had a serious discussion witnessed by an informant about how to kill the 25 million Americans who were die hard capitalists and would not go along with the 'new leadership'. They talked of 're-education camps' for the ones they did NOT have to kill. Ayers and Obama are thick as thieves, now more than ever. Blanket statements like yours, laudable in their intent to calm, are simply uninformed. Keep up your great work Michael, glad you're out there.
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