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This “comfort women” statue is erected in Blackburn Park. As you know, I have researched this information campaign in 13 countries and counting. I’ve published three books on this topic. China is behind this information campaign to divide and conquer Japan, United States, and South Korea.

I flew to Korea and interviewed the husband and wife team who makes these statues at about 30,000 USD per statue. They are popping up around the world.

Typical life cycle of these statues so far: announcement that a statue will be placed. This generates controversy and news and makes Koreans and Japanese fight.

Install statue: more news and controversy.

Sponsors later claim they and statue are threatened. More media piles in.

Sponsor talks and tours to statues.

They install statues in America to pull Americans into the fight. Chong Dae Hyup are communists in Korea and are behind much of this. They team up with feminists around the world.

I flew to Seoul and interviewed the main force on the ground about this. She committed suicide earlier this year.

Chong Dae Hyup does same or similar in other countries like Australia, Germany, Korea (many), Japan, China, and many more.

I warned since 2014 this was being used to divide Korea and Japan. In 2019 it worked.

We also see clear evidence this will ultimately be used to attack USA.

If you are American and have problems tracking this, every main point you need to know is: Korean Lives Matter = Black Lives Matter.

Same basic idea for those few who track both issues. A big difference being America REALLY treated blacks very badly. Korea-Japan: not so much.

The morphology of the information campaigns are essentially same. End state goals similar: divide and conquer.

From the Matrix,

Your Writer and Point Man,


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