No Bronze Star


23 October 2012

Master Sergeant CJ Grisham claims that he received a Bronze Star with V for combat in Iraq.  His valorous conduct allegedly occurred in 2003.  The following official record, which covers a timeframe extending into 2004, depicts no Bronze Star with V.  Grisham refuses to clear up the contradiction by publishing his hypothetical citation.

Grisham recently stated in Glamour Magazine that he completed a combat tour in Afghanistan.  This claim is false.  He saw no combat in Afghanistan, and Grisham was sent home early after publicly claiming to suffer from mental problems.  Grisham did not complete his tour.  He abandoned his troops.

Grisham later deleted his internet writings about mental problems, and changed his story, claiming that he was involuntarily sent home for skin cancer. Cached versions of his original statements tell the true tale.

Grisham was subjected to several investigations both in Afghanistan, and previous to his deployment. Somehow, he retains his Top Secret clearance. Somehow, he retains his eligibility for promotion to higher rank.

The subject of the Glamour Magazine article was “dating frauds.” Grisham claims to have expertise in catching frauds.

Grisham's record:







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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Guy · 7 years ago

    Just wanted to put out a few facts, so people understand how the military personnel system works.

    The DD form 2-1 has not been used by the Army since 2001. Once SIDPERs came about, the 2-1 was no longer updated, excepted for here and there, because it takes the Miltary time to get into something new. So if he got the BSM-V in 2003, it would not have been added to it, but would have been put on his ERB(Enlisted Records Brief).
    The NARA, only has infomation that is sent to them from the Army. If the Soldiers Personnel Office did not send the documents in(which happens alot) the NARA would not have record of it.

    Being a Senior Personnel Sergeant myself, when I look at what you have up, it does not scream that the MSG has lied about having a BSM-V. Also, you say the MSG doesn't want to publish his citation. This is normal in the military when you have Soldiers who are just doing their job. For a Senior NCO to go about telling everyone how he/she got a certain award is demeaning to his/her troops. So this makes sense that he would not post it.

    For leaving a deployed area early because of medical issues, does not mean he "abandoned his troops". If a NCO has a medical issue it would benefit the Soldiers for him/her to be taken care of. Otherwise it could lead to further issues with Soldiers being injured. This is no fault of the NCO, every human has medical issues.

    As a former special forces Soldier I assumed you would look more into this before busting out another Soldier. Course I dont usually follow your post, this is the first time I have even heard of you. Looks like you have some good articles, but with this story, it makes me question the info you get, if its out dated or not.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Casey · 7 years ago
      If you hang around you'll find out two things; first, that Mr. Yon has turned into a prima donna, and second that he has developed an irrational hatred for CJ.

      It's a pity, because Yon used to be the best on-hands war correspondent in SW Asia.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Cargosquid · 7 years ago
    You used to be a great writer. And now....this? Really?

    I used to like your stuff. Now I question its veracity too.
  • This commment is unpublished.
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