More Hot Euroweenie-Journo Apocrypha, Jonesy?

Write a comment Ooohh, have we stepped on widdle dittums toe-sies, Jonesy? Don't-cha know your "hot" fables caricaturing Americans simply validate your anti-American wet dreams? And your self-congratulatory quoting of the Islamic fanatic Jalaluddin Haqqani, whose puffed-up mujahideen warriordom could not vanquish the allegedly superior Soviets until Charlie Wilson easily jacked up their efforts with American low-level might courtesy of the Pak-ISI viaduct, and who now denigrates Americans to cover his cowering flights from their Predatory inclination to disperse his component parts, merely validates the blithering ignorance and brainwashed gullibility of your moonbat ideology-based ersatz "factual" expositions. Education? Dearie, if you have it, it was wasted on you. The logical facility it should have hone appears jammed. Intelligence? Well, chump, hate to say it, but if it's above 80, then your neurons ain't firing either.
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