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The Huawei and Nissan Drama: A Staged, Camouflaged Public Spectacle

By Marshall Wordsworth The high-profile arrests of Huawei's CFO and Nissan's Chairman in the past several months, while they have made spectacular news headlines, the information presented to the g read more..


Forced to Work or Forced to Pay Over and Over Again Until Perpetuity?

While the major news media hastily assessed the repercussions of last week’s sudden conclusion of the second Trump-Kim Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, what has been transpiring for the past several months read more..


Manifesto from Australian Terrorist in New Zealand

There is massive faux outrage over the video and manifesto being shared online. Meanwhile, Hitler's Mein Kampf is being sold on, while videos of jets crashing into the twin towers are cop read more..



Hong Kong now: protest slightly heating up

I just left the street to get to WiFi. This video is completely unedited. I started shooting with my Canon Mark III 5d (ancient!) but switched to iPhone when a man got a violent look on his face. I d... read more..


Aggression increasing in Hong Kong: you may have seen some of the reports today

I spent some hours at two separate protests today. The first was pro-CCP (Chinese Communist Party) where this lady in the video participated. The second protest was anti-CCP. A big protest/clash will... read more..


Hong Kong: Storming the Legislature

I was there, inside the building just hours ago. Got a nice teargas cleansing while leaving, too. Some of my enemies wonder how I just stumble from country to country and end up in the middle of hi... read more..


Hong Kong: False Flag?

I smell false flag from last night siege of legislative council building. This was basically equivalent to breaking into US Senate or British Parliament or Japanese Diet...remember the Thai Government... read more..


Government Center Seized in Hong Kong: History unfolding as Legislative Council seized -- and I was there inside

Significant events are unfolding here in Hong Kong. (This was last night) Last night, protestors (or maybe APs: agent provocateurs) stormed the Legislative Council building. People here often call read more..


Hong Kong and the World: all this and much more BS within 30 second walk

Bullshit piling up so fast we “need wings to stay above it.” The “hunger strike” with energy drinks is still on about 30 seconds from me now. Probably gaining weight. Seconds walk away f read more..



The Dragon-Wolf in Nepal: "Nepal stops Tibetan refugees from celebrating Dalai Lama's birthday"

Photo from: Tibetans ran from the Chinese-wolf and mostly abandoned Tibet. Now the Chinese pursue them because wolves always pick off the weakest first. Sorry...but I don'... read more..


Sugar: The most destructive drug in human history

This may sound wild and hyperbolic to 99% of people, but the other 1% who have looked into sugar know what I am talking about. Sugar is the ultimate sour drug. The effects of sugar addictions ha read more..


Explosives Found in Hong Kong Raid, according to police: TATP

As I keep saying over and over, I expect this to get more violent. You might remember that during one of my live streams of a recent Hong Kong protest that I actually was keeping an eye out for pote read more..


Live - Hong Now: Am putting chance of violence in next 2 hours at 99pct.

I also have set up a Periscope account. Free to watch. Just set up an account. Free. Periscope has some incredible uses beyond my live feed. You can use it for really interesting things. This wi read more..


Achtung! Pay attention

Tonight I talked for about an hour with a "Google Snowden" who will soon go public. A deep insider. Fascinating stuff. I cannot say much now other than pay attention to what is coming out starting read more..


Hong Kong Protest: 09 Aug 2019

Protest at Hong Kong Airport ... read more..


Hong Kong tonight: violence by police escalates

(From a few hours ago) -- firing teargas grenades inside train station. Young man hit in head. Badly wounded. Separate incident tonight -- young woman lost eye to police shot. Police are dressing read more..


Casualties in Hong Kong

Casualties in Hong Kong: In about the last 12 hours, one woman lost an eye apparently from a police shot (teargas or rubber bullet). I did not witness that. But in another location, I witnessed poli read more..


Am still at Hong Kong Airport: Roundup of today’s action

And please hit donations: BitCoin, PayPal, Patreon, US, Japanese and Thai bank accounts, Venmo, and other methods. Needed! ... read more..

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