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Dempsey Sponsors Essay Competition to Honor Saudi King

By Jim GaramoneDoD News, Defense Media Activity WASHINGTON, Jan. 26, 2015 – The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has established a research and essay competition in honor of Saudi Arabia’s Kin read more..


Gary Sinise Foundation: Leadership and Action

11 February 2015   Click here to watch related video on read more..


Al Jazeera on the World War II Sex-Slave issue

16 March 2015 This issue will come back to haunt the USA.  I have been explaining this on Facebook and in many interviews.  Please join my Facebook: read more..


Comfort Women Scam Splashing in Canada

20 March 2015 The comfort women statues are all part of a giant scam perpetrated by Koreans and Chinese.  The ultimate goal is to cause frictions with our alliance with Japan, and to keep Japan read more..


Email from a US War Hero and former POW in Vietnam

25 March 2015 Major (retired) Mark Smith, United States Army Special Forces In many cases skill identifiers or other terms are used to describe the soldiers of today. My mind always goes back to a... read more..



デュース・フォーの指揮官たち:ロバート・プロッサー司令上級曹長とエリック・クリーヤ中佐が病院の外にいるダニエルの母親に電話をかける イラク・モスル 戦争においてさえ、戦闘は予期しない形で訪れる。 月曜に、モスル西部で作戦従事中に、無線で声がとどき、我々の兄弟部隊である3-21がチグリス川の反対側にあたるモスル東部で敵と交戦中との連絡が入った。その直後に、ウィル・ショックリー二等軍曹が米兵一人... read more..


韓国軍にベトナム人慰安婦がいた!二カ国語 Part2(拡散自由)

テーマ:真面目な話 The ROK Army Used Vietnamese Comfort Women Part2(No restrictions on retransmission) 韓国軍にベトナム人慰安婦がいた!二カ国語 Part1(拡散自由) 今回、米国の公文書によって初めてその存在が明らかになった、サイゴンの「韓国軍慰安所」とは、一体どのように運営されていたのか。 How ... read more..



THE TAIWANESE ARE NOT HAN CHINESE Lin Jianliang, Ph.D. in MedicineEditor, Voice of Taiwan June 3, 2015 Mr. Michael Yon Many people think that the Taiwanese belong to the same ethnic group as the m... read more..


Detailed Review of the Film “Scottsboro Girls”

 A film in Defense of Japanese Honor in the Face of Condemnation over alleged World War II Sex-slavery 10 June 2015 Bottom line up front: I strongly recommend that this film not be promoted t read more..


A Counter Response and Proposal to the "Open Letter” written by 187 Historians

June 12, 2015 A Counter Response and Proposal to the "Open Letter” written by 187 HistoriansBy Fujioka Nobukatsu, Visiting Professor, Takushoku University To the 187 historians who jointly signed th... read more..


Central Washington University Earns Failing Grade in History

15 June 2015 (The unnamed Author was a witness at CWU and is known to me.) The scene last April, as noted by an observer at the event, “was pure agitprop straight from a religious revival or politic read more..


The Origins of the US Army's Korean Comfort Women

By Choi Kilsung, Professor at University of East -Asia, Professor Emeritus at Hiroshima University(2)  The Korean War As I Experienced It July 6, 2015 Mr. Michael Yon In this Chapter, the au... read more..


Be a Palm Tree: Tobacco, Rebel Flag, 2nd Amendment

13 July 2015 A few palm trees remain standing in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), the most powerful storm in history. Tacloban, Philippines. (1) Michael Yon Tokyo, Japan Opinion Across t read more..


Ability, Not Disability: The Newest ICS Production Centre Develops Skills

Article by SNV 17 July 2015 This week, construction was completed on the new Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) production facilities at the Lao Disabled Women’s Development Centre, located just outside t... read more..


Japanese Scholars’ Reply to the American Scholars’ Comfort Women Statement: In search of a constructive dialogue based upon facts

August 6, 2015 On May 5th, 2015, one hundred and eighty-seven American-based researchers of Japan issued a statement on the comfort women issue titled, “Open letter in support of historians in Japan”... read more..


慰安婦に関する米学者声明への日本の学者からの返答 事実に基づいた建設的な対話を求めて

2015年(平成27年)8月6日  2015年5月5日、米国の日本研究者ら187名が慰安婦問題について「日本の歴史家を支持する声明」(以下、米学者声明)を出しました。その後、賛同者は460人程度に増えたといわれています。私たち日本の学者は、米学者声明の呼びかけに応え、以下の通り見解を表明します。 (1)「慎重に天秤にかける」「歴史的文脈での評価」で完全に一致 私たちは、米学者声明の中に書かれ... read more..


Afghanistan: General John Campbell -- I do not trust him

07 October 2015 General Campbell is commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan. After this devastating Kunduz hospital airstrike, I again withheld judgment until more facts came in. Our HQ in Afghanist read more..


Truth Wanted: $10,000 Reward (Update 14 December 2015 -- Reward is now $20,000)

02 November 2015 I offer $10,000 (now $20,000) to the first person who can prove Laura Hillenbrand's allegations of this massive Japanese War Crime on Tinian Island in 1944. From her book ref read more..


Ice Horse in Iraq

09 November 2015 Ice delivery in Baqubah, Iraq, during operation Arrowhead Ripper read more..


This cool shot shows Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey generating Kopp-Etchell’s effect in the dust

25 November 2015 Image credit: U.S. Marine Corps. H/T @DCDude1776 for the heads-up By David Cenciotti A U.S. Marine Corps Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft is depicted with seemingly solid rotor disks. T... read more..


Angel Thunder 2015

01 December 2015 Click on the download link below for the PDF read more..


U.S. and Others Working with Nazis Dealing in Stolen Art

06 December 2015 From my Facebook USA/Netherlands/Ukraine/Germany/Canada: Stolen Art in Nazi hands -- hands that our leaders are shaking I published numerous times recently that a significant story read more..


Upcoming Talk with: Vejjajiva Abhisit, former Prime Minister of Thailand

21 December 2015 I got a call this morning that Abhisit wants to talk on Thursday.  I can try to work in questions if there is time.  If you have any questions just post here and I will d... read more..


Tiger the Kitten and Cuddles the Flying Snake

21 December 2015 Flying Snake: Golden Tree Snake, Chiang Mai, Thailand [Click to watch] I was sitting here studying about Korea and set up my camera for this snake. I know a little about its habit... read more..

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