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Civil Movement for Democracy (CMD)

Statement by Suthep Thaugsuban27 January 2014 Dear Members of the Press: Please find attached Khun Suthep Thaugsuban's statement dated 27 January 2014. As usual, we urge you to exercise extreme cau... read more..


Message from the Military: Afghanistan Farce

27 January 2014 UNCLASSIFIED//NONELadies and Gentlemen:  Today's highlights: Afghan Media Afghanistan releases 37 of 88 prisoners from Bagram prison | Khaama Press According to reports, the ... read more..



General Menard in Jail for "Gun Running"

30 January 2014 This is the Canadian Brigadier General that I wrote should be fired for incompetence in Afghanistan. This caused me no end of troubles but was worth it. My work directly resulted in M... read more..


Assessment of the Current Situation in Burma

30 January 2014 Burma is in the midst of change and we want to report to you what is happening, both good and bad. We are grateful for those who have brought greater freedoms to Burma. We also want t... read more..


Burma Army Continues Attacks in Nam Lim Pa Area, Kachin State

9 February 2014Kachin State, Burma The Burma Army continues attacks in Nam Lim Pa area in their attempt to drive out the Kachin people and control this part of Kachin State. Burma Army RPG Team in K... read more..


Press Statement by PDRC Spokesperson Akanat Promphan: 9 Feb. 2014

09 February 2014 Dear Members of the Press: Please find attached a press statement from PDRC spokesperson Akanat Promphan dated 9 Feb. 2014, which we have attached in pdf format (we will circulate t read more..



10 February 2014 In the Virunga region of eastern DR Congo, lies lands so rich entire mountains are made of gold, where rainfalls wash gold down the mountainside till the sand shines with it and vill read more..


Letter from Thais to Dutch Government

Published: 10 February 2014 This letter rendered in three languages: English, Thai, Dutch. Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie Laan Copes van Cattenburch 54 Utrecht, 30 January 2014 Dear Par... read more..



A Simple Man scores a Major Win

22 February 2014 (It has been a long day, and tomorrow comes early. I rush to write these words with a single pass and no edit. Please forgive me.) We begin: This is a difficult struggle to overt... read more..



Thai Turmoil: Some observations and thoughts

Part 1 of about 10 20 March 2014 Starring: Abhisit, Buddha Issara, Burmese Fortune Teller, Democrats, Farmers, Journalists good and bad, KPT, Men in Black, PDRC, Puea Thai Party, Santi Asoke, Satish... read more..


ความวุ่นวายในไทย: ข้อสังเกตและความคิดบางประการ

ตอนที่1 จากประมาณ10 ตอน นำแสดงโดย:อภิสิทธิ์, ท่านพุทธอิสระ, หมอทำนายชาวพม่า, ประชาธิปัตย์, นักข่าวที่ดีและที่ไม่ดี, คปท., ชายชุดดำ, กปปส., พรรคเพื่อไทย, สันติอโศก, สาธิตเซกัล, สุเทพ, กองทัพบกไทย, ตำร... read more..


French Army information about Mali suicide attacks

27 March 2014 WARNING: Very graphic. Text is in French: ... read more..


French Facing Improvised Weapons in Mali

28 March 2014 This document is in French, but the photographs are in English, and all languages. ... read more..


Military Options for Ukraine

28 March 2014 The Red Barbarian is massing on the Ukrainian border.  A hundred thousand Russian troops are said to be preparing to invade Ukraine.  Russians can easily prevail against the... read more..


French Facing IEDs in Mali, Africa

31 March 2014 This French military document is in French language.  The images are easy enough to understand. ... read more..


Burma Army attacks villages in Kachin State; IDPs flee across the border to China.

15 April 2014Kachin State, Burma Initially Chinese soldiers prohibited Kachin IDPs from seeking refuge from the fighting, but as fighting grew closer to Hka Hkye Camp, IDPs were permitted to temporar read more..


Are Thai Protestors Violent?

20 April 2014 Witness to the 26 December 2013 fighting, Din Daeng, Bangkok The question is straightforward but the answer is not.  First, we must delineate the main participants. This dispatch read more..


Whistleblowers: a Meta-Organization

22 April 2014 PDRC leader Suthep Thaugsuban: PDRC crowds are easy to spot by the whistles and Thai flags. To understand this dispatch in context, please read the previous dispatch: Are Thai Protest... read more..


Civilian Killed by Landmine, Teenage Girl Raped and Over 3,600 New IDPs in Kachin State

24 April 2014Kachin State, Burma Map of Kachin State, Burma. Civilian killed by landmine in Bhamo District At 09:00 on 14 April 2014, a 45-year-old civilian named Mr. Mwihpu La Maw, from Mungding P... read more..


Anatomy of Current Thai Protests

27 April 2014 To understand this dispatch in context, please read the previous dispatches: Are Thai Protestors Violent? Whistleblowers: A Meta Organization We begin: PDRC members after a deadly g... read more..

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