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Dispatch 47: White House and Australian "War Crimes"

Been a long day. Now after midnight and finally back to hotel after 12 hours of glorious meetings, and a Christmas Reception at the White House. I did not meet or see President Trump, and my meeting read more..


Dispatch 48: Crazy Claims that Army Special Forces fought CIA in Germany

My inbox is filled with questions about this claim. My bullshit meter pegs around 9, with 10 being maximum bullshit. For reference, that Biden got clubfoot from playing with his dog pegs only at 6. read more..


Dispatch 49: Broadstreet Pump: Drinking the Cholera Water

A Yon-genre mind dump without edit: 05 December 2020Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia Many folks know I hunted cannibals in India. And found plenty. Including a most remarkable man from Houston. How read more..


Kopp-Etchells Effect: My Monday (11 hours from now) Interview about Ranger Benjamin Kopp on War Room Pandemic Steve Bannon asked me to come on Monday at 11:30EST. We will talk about R... read more..


Dispatch 50: Just left residence of Vice President Mike Pence

Was a great time. Many interesting people there including some Generals/officers I knew or knew of. Saw Robert Spalding and said hello. Retired Air Force Brigadier General. Spalding is a serious dude.... read more..


Dispatch 51: The Election Day "Top Down Attack"

A Yon-genre mind-dump before another busy day 09 December 2020Washington, D.C., near the White House I've seen some exciting elections in other countries. Cracking bullets and airstrikes. As exam read more..


Dispatch 52: Expect violent BLAMTIFA attacks within 24 hours. And Uyghurs Plead for Help Against CCP

11 December 2020Washington, D.C. Yesterday, 10 December 2020, I attended a gathering of Uyghurs, supporters, and media. I counted 66 total people after speeches began. Others came and max may have read more..


BIG Day has started in Washington, D.C.

Good morning. As you can infer from some of my posts, I worked until about 0400, about five hours ago, and hit the rack. Now time to roll. I suspect this will be a very big turnout for President Trump... read more..


12 Dec 2020 - NOW: ANTIFA attacking.

Washington D.C. Two small explosions. Am here. Ongoing. Not sure if casualties but nobody dead or on the ground.... read more..


Worthless D.C. Metro Police deny safety to young children in face of ANTIFA attacks.

WATCH as Worthless D.C. Metro Police deny safety to young children in face of ANTIFA attacks. I made this video shortly before Proud Boys got stabbed by ANTIFA in front of me. PLEASE support my w read more..


Dispatch 53: Washington, D.C.: A few hints on combat safety in America

14 December 2020Washington, D.C. Yon-Genre, unedited mind dump: This is intended for journalists -- the few still on the field -- and peaceful people. I spent all day Saturday, 12 December 2020 read more..


Dispatch 54: Gary Miller Drove from Texas to D.C. to rip down this sign

15 December 2020Washington, D.C. An unedited Yon-Genre mind dump: Situation: I made this video Saturday, 12 December 2020. Or, possibly it was after midnight and early morning 13 December. Gary M read more..


Dispatch 55: Someone missing a Bullet-riddled Car?

22 December 2020 Portland, Oregon A Yon-Genre mind dump without edit I've flown in from D.C. and have been working back in Oregon. Creating source-network, sensing atmospherics, hanging out with read more..


Dispatch 56: Washington Post Advertises for CCP

Oregon-Washington 24 December 2020 Yon-Genre Mind Dump Merry Christmas! I still say Christmas. Without apology or caveat. I will spend Christmas Day with some Japanese friends at an Iraq-vet's read more..


Nashville Christmas Bombing: CARVER

26 December 2020 Portland, Oregon A Yon-Genre Mind Dump without edit: During World War II, the OSS was our clandestine and covert operating force. After the war, OSS disbanded. From OSS formed Sp read more..


Nashville Christmas Attack: Looks like average-sized VBIED

27 December 2020Portland, Oregon Yon-Genre Mind Dump without edit Looking at many photos and videos, looks like your normal car bomb. Thousands in Iraq. Fewer in Afghanistan but still tons. A larg read more..

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