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December 2010
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Just got this Email from Office of Secretary Gates

Q:  WikiLeaks:  Post-WikiLeaks reaction.  What's your sense on whether the information-sharing climate and environment created after 9/11 to encourage greater cooperation and transp read more..


PFC Bradley Manning's Charge Sheet

Please Click here to view the entire document. read more..


For Thai Readers

03 December 2010 Merry Christmas Thailand!  I see Christmas decorations in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  (Though it might be strange for Buddhists.)  I've also seen many Christmas decoratio read more..


Geotags and Social Networking

Please click here to view the entire document. ... read more..


American Arrogance

13 December 2010 There have been many comments about American arrogance.  During my travels to 48 United States and over [65] countries -- most of those states and countries multiple times -- so read more..


Ripley’s Believe it Or Not

14 December 2010Ripley’s Believe it or Not has asked to publish one of my photos in their next book.  This photo was made in Sangin, Afghanistan during the last time I was with British forces.&nb read more..


Shooting Star

16 December 2010Six years ago this week, I was packing for my first trip to Iraq.  Been a long road.Earlier this week, the annual Geminids meteor shower was a beautiful sight to behold.  Usi read more..


Hostages Press Release Please Click here to view the entire story.   read more..

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