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December 2007
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Joe Galloway December 5

Folks give me a plenty hard time for publishing Joe.  Whereas I regularly disagree with him and several times have had to discipline myself not to phone him for his writings, I do respect read more..


Men of Valor: Part IV

SGT Richard Edwards, a 12-year veteran from Newport, South Wales had served in Iraq during Telic 6 without firing a shot during those six months. During Telic 10, Edwards found himself down at the PJC... read more..


Come Home: German Translation

Kehrt heim Come home, come home, Ye who are weary, come home (Kehrt heim, kehrt heim, Ihr, die ihr erschöpft seid, kehrt heim) Will L. Thompson, „Softly and Tenderly“ Die Kuppel unter dem Kreuz:O... read more..


Doura Progress Report

1-4 CAV Update #8 by LTC Jim Crider DEC 07 Despite the hardships associated with our current deployment there are many things that are personally rewarding. Undoubtedly, when we return to Fort Rile read more..


Come Home: Slovak Translation

Vráťte sa domov “Vráťte sa domov, vráťte sa domov; Tí, ktorí ste unavení vráťte sa domov.” Will L. Thompson, “Softly and Tenderly” Kupola pod krížom: Miestny moslimskí a krestanskí vodcovia pr... read more..


General Barry R McCaffrey Report

Adjunct Professor of International Affairs December 18, 2007 MEMORANDUM FOR: Colonel Michael Meese Professor and Head Dept of Social Sciences United States Military Academy C read more..


Let’s Seize the Momentum in Iraq.

I recently spent a week touring Iraq, meeting with American servicemen and women and interacting with Iraqis. What I saw convinced me that the war has changed in both tone and substance since the pres... read more..


A Thank You Letter

[Web Administrator’s Note: The following letter and photograph was sent to Michael Yon from LTC Jim Crider, the commander of the 1-4 CAV soldiers based at FOB Falcon whose progress reports have read more..


News flash for Osama bin Laden

Here’s a news flash for Osama bin Laden, who earlier today released a call “ to guerrilla forces in Mesopotamia. ” I have directly observed how more and more Iraqis have grown to hate al Qaeda a... read more..


News Flash: Troublestan

Words from Tom Ricks and Robin Wright. Unfortunately my concerns for Afghanistan are proving well-placed. Afghanistan and Pakistan are inextricably linked. Together they might be called “Troublestan.”... read more..

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