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Dispatch 35: Landed in Washington, DC

Yesterday flew from Washington State, across America, landed at Dulles. My friend Erik Peterson picked me up at the airport. COL (ret.) USMC, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. We headed straight read more..


Dispatch 36: Portland Peril

Washington, D.C. I am currently in Washington, D.C. -- my thoughts are back on Portland, Oregon. The decision to fly to DC for the final voting was not easy. Portland was my first stop on return t read more..


Grandma Wong in Hong Kong: my interview with John Batchelor and Gordon Chang

I will go on today again with Gordon and John at 1500EST. Not sure if this one will be live. read more..


President Trump is going to Win -- and when he does, I want you to join my Patreon, or PayPal recurring -- if you have not already.

My dispatches on Patreon are free, but I need you to join so that I can travel to all 50 States and tell you what is happening. Because our lives depend on this. read more..


Dispatch 37: Violence Forecast for Portland, Eugene, I-5 Corridor

Oregon police chiefs: regardless who wins, violent demonstrations in Portland. Possibly Eugene. Trump victory -- widespread violence primarily along I-5 corridor, metro areas. If Biden wins, violent d... read more..


Dispatch 38: Election Day in Washington, D.C.

I am actually in Old Town at the moment. Been up a couple hours preparing and checking sources. I will start going to polls and move into downtown D.C. as the sun rises and day unfolds, and flows in read more..


Dispatch 39: Voting spot in Alexandria, Virginia

Read the description at the video I made. See the video. read more..


Dispatch 40: First 3 hrs 48 mins — only 195 voters here

The gentleman narrating is my friend Erik Peterson, COL (ret.) USMC. We first met in Afghanistan and now Erik is kindly taking me around here in process of my education. (Military folks are like tha read more..


Election Night - Am near White House

Many roads closed. More later. As I learn anything interesting, will say.... read more..



Dispatch 41: War Words: “Frankly, we did win this election.” Yesterday I started in Alexandria, Virginia, with my friend COL(ret) Erik Peterson, USMC. Erik voted in Old Town. I... read more..


Report: Multiple Proud Boys Stabbed in DC

I was out with BLM/ANTIFA last night. I did not see this. Hope for quick recovery -- very dangerous here! read more..


Dispatch 42: Dark Winter: Departing D.C. for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Punching out of DC on short notice to Harrisburg, capital city of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg is a key opening battleground in this war gathering around us. Hours ago, a "Stop the Steal" rally was ann read more..


06 Nov 2020 - Hong Kong, and USA: My podcast with Gordon Chang and John Batchelor: Hong Kongers are extremely worried Trump will not be next President. ... read more..



It is only because of your kind gifts that I have been able to bring front line, non filtered information directly to you. There is a storm brewing and I am gearing up to cover it as it unfolds Stat read more..


Dispatch 43: Philadelphia

Please seen the description on my YouTube -- see the video, and make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube, and HIT the BELL for notifications. And please support my hard wo read more..


Dispatch 44: Return to America: THE MATRIX — Back in Washington, D.C.

Am sitting just near the White House at the Black Lives Matter Plaza. Ghost town—skeleton crew of ‘protestors.’ Last night, peak here was maybe a few hundred, including press. BLM Plaza is a sort of ... read more..


Significant: Hong Kong opposition lawmakers to resign en masse Significant: Hong Kong opposition lawmakers to resign en masse over Beijing resoluti... read more..


Veterans Day, 2020 – In front of the White House: Washington, D.C.

My apology up front: this is a NO EDIT STREAM OF CONCIOUSNESS – am very busy here: Let’s roll: Black Lives Matter has defaced the road with gang markings in front of the White House. I am right he read more..


Darkest Day of 2020: Hong Kong is now behind the New Iron Curtain More than 7 million Hong Kongers are now captive to communist China. The United States must offer asylum ... read more..


Dispatch 45: Good Morning from Washington, D.C.

Quick stream of unedited consciousness: Today will be a big day. The "Million MAGA March" is to start at noon. I am here. Last night, I finished at around midnight after talking with MAGA suppor... read more..


Washington, D.C.: How Big was the Million MAGA March, REALLY? And why do BLAMTIFA continue to terrorize business owners and innocent people?

ANOTHER QUICK, UNEDITED DISPATCH: MUCH GOING ON HERE. THIS DISPATCH IS PERFECTLY ACCURATE IF NOT PERFECTLY WRITTEN – thank you for forgiveness runaway commas. We begin on Saturday, 14 November 2020, ... read more..


Dispatch 46: Revolution, Insurgency, and Civil War – we are there

Am about to drive from D.C. to Atlanta – this dispatch is unedited stream: ---18 November 2020Washington, D.C. The big step into insurgency warfare comes when average, intelligent people see the gov... read more..


NOW: Brookhaven, Georgia

This “comfort women” statue is erected in Blackburn Park. As you know, I have researched this information campaign in 13 countries and counting. I’ve published three books on this topic. China is be read more..


FYSA: Am in Atlanta ground-sensing

Georgia is an epicenter in the election issues. Atlanta is capital of Georgia. I likely will not go live from the ground. Much to listen and watch. There sure is a LOT of highway work on I-85. Goi... read more..


NOW at CNN HQ, Atlanta—

Rally with very mixed group of pro-Trump. Some LGBT speakers and others. Very mixed group of black-white-Asian-Hispanic-and mixed. Very friendly and peaceful. Maybe 250 people. After this is nearby read more..


Tonight: Georgia State Capital

Homeless everywhere. Very dangerous area. We must fix our country. read more..


ANTIFA in Atlanta

This was a very busy weekend. I spent much of it with ANTIFA, BLM, Three Percenters, Proud Boys, MAGA supporters of many sorts, and more. Am writing it up -- but it's 0220 here on Eastern Time and read more..

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