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November 2015
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Truth Wanted: $10,000 Reward (Update 14 December 2015 -- Reward is now $20,000)

02 November 2015 I offer $10,000 (now $20,000) to the first person who can prove Laura Hillenbrand's allegations of this massive Japanese War Crime on Tinian Island in 1944. From her book ref read more..


Ice Horse in Iraq

09 November 2015 Ice delivery in Baqubah, Iraq, during operation Arrowhead Ripper read more..


This cool shot shows Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey generating Kopp-Etchell’s effect in the dust

25 November 2015 Image credit: U.S. Marine Corps. H/T @DCDude1776 for the heads-up By David Cenciotti A U.S. Marine Corps Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft is depicted with seemingly solid rotor disks. T... read more..

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