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Pale Riders

A No-Name Unit, in a No-Name Place Pale Riders' Tents 03 November 2011 Few people realize that Task Force Spartan is in what is probably the toughest fighting in Afghanistan.  Many of the Sold... read more..


Night Walk with 4-4 Cav

04 November 2011 It’s amazing how many lights can be seen on a dark night.  Especially if you are with the US military.  Different-colored lights are useful for differing purposes. The co read more..


Afghanistan: Major General Disembedded from US Forces

05 November 2011 Another General has been sacked in Afghanistan.  Major General Peter Fuller will be sent packing for speaking his mind.  From what I have read, MG Fuller told the truth and read more..


Fool’s Gold & Troops’ Blood

America's Medevac Failure 06 November 2011 This combat video was made in September 2011 in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.  A bomb was planted in our path.  A young, highly-liked Soldier n... read more..


Report to Congress

Army called to Report on MEDEVAC Failure in Afghanistan 07 November 2011 This morning, I emailed to the office of Congressman Mike Pompeo asking for a phone conversation.  His office informed m... read more..


Question for Congressman Pompeo: What is your Position?

08 November 2011 Forward Operating Base Pasab is in the upper left corner of this image.  It’s the little rectangle looking area bristling with machine guns.  Well, you can’t see the mach read more..


Abandoned Mosque

09 November 2011 We came into an abandoned Mosque.  The village was empty other than enemy.  Outside, a Soldier found a piece of fuse from an artillery or mortar round.  The roof of read more..


Leadership: More than a Word

10 November 2011 There are leaders, and there are people in leadership positions.  These are not synonymous.  Today is the 314th day of 2011.  According to, approxima read more..


That 1%

11 November 2011 It has been an honor these seven years to cover American and British troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines and elsewhere.  It is said that only about 1% of Americans serve read more..


Marked for Destruction

14 November 2011 Camouflage is a combat imperative.  Instruction in the use of camouflage begins in basic training.  The Red Cross on the bright white background is meant to break up camo read more..


What is Your Vote?

17 November 2011 The United States faces greater threats at home than we face in Afghanistan.  The Mexican border, for instance, is being described as a war zone.  People have been warning read more..


Pocket Spies

Image created with iPhone4s 17 November 2011 We know the Internet has dangers.  Everything we put onto the information superhighway should be considered chiseled into marble.  Meanwhile, t... read more..


Mark of the Beast: Evil Symbols in Afghanistan

22 November 2011 US Army MEDEVAC helicopters in Afghanistan are marked with Red Crosses. Helicopters sporting a Red Cross are not allowed to be armed. The enemy knows this. The enemy tries to read more..



Afghanistan: Army Medic helps to bag up an Afghan Soldier who was just blown up. Our medics do not wear Red Crosses. They carry rifles. 23 November 2011 Army Dustoff MEDEVAC helicopter crews have be... read more..


How to Catch a Bird without a Gun

24 November 2011 Happy Thanksgiving weekend in America!  This is a good time to share something lighter than the constant war. I’ve travelled to more than sixty countries, often spending year read more..


RED AIR: A Private Forum

Soldiers react seconds after IED strike 28 November 2011 Every day in Afghanistan there are casualties requiring helicopter evacuation.  There is a high probability that as you read this, someo... read more..


Beautiful Combat Camera on Auction

The Canon Mark III 1ds is one of the finest cameras in the world.  Mine has seen combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, and has been used around the world from Nepal, to the Philippines and elsewhere.&nbsp... read more..


Death by Smartphone

30 November 2011 Recently I published a small piece about smartphone security called Pocket Spies.  A security writer at ComputerWorld read Pocket Spies and contacted me for an interview.  ... read more..

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