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November 2009
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Huge Money is being wasted in Afghanistan

The following interrogative from McClatchy Newspapers to USAID is the tip of the iceberg.  The more one looks, the more squandering one finds.   Please Click here to view the entire docu... read more..


Great Britain Loses one of its Finest

03 November 2009 British soldiers at war are an incredible group.  Courageous, competent, and committed in very difficult conditions.  An email came today from London, from a BBC correspo read more..


Smithsonian Air&Space on Kopp-Etchells Effect

November 04, 2009 Helo Halo Luminous halos twirled above a Boeing CH-47 Chinook on a recent night around 11:30 p.m. local time at Forward Operating Base Jackson in Sangin, Helmand Province, Afgh read more..


Ambush of the Common Sort

08 November 2009 Got a ping today about an attack on the road between Jalalabad and Kabul.  It's a dangerous road and I don't like to drive it.  The source has always been reliable, so I pinged Tim read more..


Japanese Aid to Afghanistan

Published: 12 November 2009By Michael Yon Kathmandu, Nepal — The Japanese are pulling naval assets from the fight in Afghanistan, but they are adding assets in another category. I asked Secretary of ... read more..


Japanese Aid to Afghanistan II

12 November 2009 I asked General David Petraeus, General (ret.) Barry McCaffrey, and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, about the Japanese decisions on Afghanistan.  (The Japanese plan to recall thei read more..



Michael Yon16 November 2009 When New York Times journalist David Rohde was kidnapped last year in Afghanistan, the company engaged in a painstaking effort to squash the story. They succeeded in persu... read more..


FYI: Paperwork for Afghanistan Media Embed

17 November 2009 There has been much curiosity about the procedures involved during the embed process.  The process is constantly changing, and is different for Iraq than for Afghanistan.  A Philippi read more..


Afghan Ideas from Great Britain

24 November 2009 Adam Holloway, a British Member of Parliament, sent this PDF yesterday evening.  Mr. Holloway is definitely worth reading and considering. I will land in Dubai on Thanksgiving eveni... read more..


Friday Morning at the Pentagon

Published: 27 November 2009 By JOSEPH L. GALLOWAYMcClatchy  Newspapers Over  the last 12 months, 1,042 soldiers, Marines,  sailors and Air Force personnel have given their  lives... read more..

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