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Solomon2, do you believe in democracy and freedom of speech, or not, or what?

Solomon2, I’m beginning to have doubts about your democratic credentials. You accuse Obama for (like Commodus) being so sneaky, so devious, as to “RISE TO POWER ON A WAVE OF POPULAR ENTHUSIASM”. Shock... read more..


What do you propose, etc.

"What do you propose as an alternative? Elect the candidate who’s the least liked by the people? " Sure! I often choose to vote for somebody not because I like him or her, but because I think they read more..



I remember when I bought the book. It won the Bill Gurley award. I wondered who he was and what he had to do with literature. It was a nice touch. Be safe Michael... read more..


Heaven help...

The Iraqis and the Afghanis if Obama gets elected.... read more..


Bill Gurley

Great story. Keep up the good work, keep you head down. We may pull this off on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.... read more..



The only difference is, Cheney had to actually produce W.... read more..


bill gurley

nice story - reflects how voters even in high school chose a candidate they hadn't done homework on... decision to elect someone soley on the endorcements from someone other than the candidate... ... read more..


School election

This story reminds me of when I was in 8th grade. A classmate, Ruben, and I ran for King and Queen of our 8th grade class. The winners would be determined by penny vote, the one bringing in the most ... read more..


William Gurley lives!

I was completely flumoxed after I googled to find out more about the award. Quite audacious of you.... read more..


Bill Gurley

Ah, you are talking about GWB, aren't you? Although he and Palin are flesh and blood, (debatable), the same analogy applies. As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, (broke and unemployed), I face th... read more..


Great story

Well... sadly there are enough people to be deceived... i am really scared for the Iraqis and Afghanis if McCain loses... God save them AND America... read more..


Bill Gurley?

Wasn't there a MASH episode that used this story line? No one was able to catchup to the newly assigned Dr. He always seemed to have 'just left the area'. His 201 file showed him as having impeccabl... read more..


Bill Gurley

I recall a MASH episode with the same story line. A newly assigned Dr. with impecccable credentials recorded in his 201 file could never be found. Everytime someone tried to catch to him, he had jus... read more..


Empty Suit

Friend Richard produced his winner with only an empty suit. In this election we have a good looking, articulate, body inside the empty suit parading around - all over the world - attempting to fool a... read more..


hidden agenda

There's a little Bill Gurley in all of us, don't you think?... read more..



haha, awesome story, stay safe, from Puerto Rico.... read more..


The True Believer

Can you imagine a Cornell grad with such a great personality whose classmates or professors do not remember him ever being in class with them? While he may have been 7 years old when Ayers committe... read more..


Ode to True Believer

You have said in several paragraphs what I've been dedicating a couple years of blogging on. Check it out, great stories, YouTubes and my editorials which mirror yours. I've called this guy the Manc... read more..


C (Bruneval) Coy, 2 PARA

Hi Michael, its Capt Josh Jones from C (Brun) Coy, 2 PARA. I just want to extend a massive thanks for your piece on C (Brun) Coy who have now returned to the UK. Its great to read a part of our story ... read more..


The Final Countdown

May I say thank you to Howard, if that's your real name. (Morseburg? hmmm.) I'm first up in my debating society tonight, proposing "This house believes the Republicans will win" and I've been dr... read more..


Apologies to King Solomon2

I apologise for time-wasting. Rather than “put distasteful words in your mouth” I was trying to practise the time-honoured tradition of using logic, rhetoric and irony in the cut and thrust of a livel... read more..



Friendship is a very powerful relationship. People everywhere respect true friendship. True, sometimes our friends are imaginary and other people around us confirm the power of imagination by respec... read more..


Great story

I needed a good laugh this morning. If it makes anyone feel better, McCain / Palin won the Heritage Elementary School election last week 440-215. I'm trying not to underestimate the silent majorit... read more..


Comment on the article and the election

When I first heard the name "Barack Obama" a year or so ago, I didn't recognize it but thought that if he was running for president I would eventually find out about him. Well, he is and I still have... read more..


Afghan interviews

Alan Johnston was the BBC representative in Kabul when we visited during the Taliban regime in 1999, He was later held hostage in Palestine for a long period. He has been back to Afghanistan to interv... read more..



No guts, no glory. And no news. The inexpensive venues and arenas to cover will ALWAYS be the less interesting ones. So any outlet that won't risk cash on coverage will NEVER be able to play. A... read more..


Us yanks...

re: Unwashed, is what we've 'achieved' in Kunar, Nuristan etc so much superior to what the Brits have 'achieved' in Helmand? Using this article about these ongoing efforts, just for a bit point-scorin... read more..



My fraternity did the same thing when I was in college. We wanted to prove the absurdity of the "bid" process, so we collected 10 guys from 100 and duped the entire chapter into giving Justin McNamara... read more..


If Only...

the election that caused you to post this story carried the same weight as Bill Gurley's then we'd be in great shape no matter wh won. Oh well...... read more..


About Bill Gurley

Bill Gurley is a general partner at Benchmark Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm in Menlo Park, California. Gurley was an early investor in green technology with a 2002 Series A investment... read more..

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