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China Conducted Biological Attack on the World

Biden and his ilk respond by flinging up borders, abandoning Afghanistan, blaming Patriots, and stealing everything not bolted down. read more..


I just sent frag assessment to Intel friend

Have not seen huge numbers of Venezuelans in Darien Gap. Seen huge numbers Venezuelans in Colombia, but I would say fewer than 5 percent, maybe more like 2 percent, going through Gap have been Venezue... read more..


Todd Bensman just told me firefights going

Am on my way with Tim Lynch. Roma, Texas. read more..


Israel: Vast Majority of Pandemic Spreaders are Vaccinated Alternative headline. read more..


Amateurs talk Tactics, Professionals talk Logistics — Historians talk Conditions

ColoradoMind-dump, sans-edit PanFaWar: Pandemic, Famine, War — traveling buddies from Hell. When one arrives, the other two soon roar in. They also are recursive and incredibly unpredictable. Rec read more..


Das Jab

Mind-dump sans-editFrom Colorado, up high We all know many family and friends who took the untested gene-therapy, or another untested product. Most likely were tricked by very sophisticated trickst read more..


Paradigm Adjustments

ColoradoMind-dump, sans edit Keep adjusting your world view until you no longer are surprised. If you are surprised by this, try adjusting your paradigm to something like, "This has nothing to do wit... read more..


Fight the Beast

ColoradoQuick post with a plea and some thoughts: I do not like to ask for help, but I need help and it’s unrealistic not to ask. PLEASE support our efforts. As you can see, the GoFundMe and Give read more..

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