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Dispatch 14: Portland vs. Thailand vs. Hong Kong: Primitive Messaging Around Portland

Pay attention to graffiti. Stop to read it. Absorb. The form. Messages. Everything about it. Including time and place. Venue often is as important as the messaging. In Thailand and Hong Kong, read more..


Dispatch 15: Return to America: Ebbs and Flows

Attached is an interview I made with Jordan Harbinger in January of this year. My January analysis are eerily correct for 2020. Study, study, study. Then study more. Think, think, then speak. With ... read more..


Dispatch 16: Return to America: History is Today

Busy here in Portland. I've been moving back and forth between Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington. Learning much talking with everyone under the sky. Interesting aside on guns: Gun and amm read more..


Dispatch 17 — Hong Kong: Dangerous Escape leads to capture

Please see the short flight track video. This is chase plane track after escape boat launched from Hong Kong to Taiwan. Make sure to click the bell and subscribe to my YouTube. I am still in Van read more..


Dispatch 18: Pressurized HUMINT Network in Portland: firehose with valve stuck open

Source: AP Photo/Jeff Swinger Folks who have followed my work for years know that first thing I do in new conflicts is to create my intel network. Specifically a HUMINT network. Human intelligence. ... read more..


Dispatch 19: Portland Now -- ANTIFA may attack ICE tonight, and I've been talking with Proud Boys leadership all evening

America sure has changed since last time I was home. Marijuana stores all over the place. Loads of communists, and people who imagine Nazis spreading by cough and sneeze. ANTIFA at this time is prepa... read more..


Dispatch 20: Return to America -- Portland falling. Continue to prepare for 2021

For the past several weeks, I've been going back and forth between Portland, Oregon, and next door Vancouver, Washington. Downtown Portland and Vancouver may as well be a thousand miles apart. Downto... read more..


Dispatch 21: Danger in Portland, and Portland in Danger

At least three times this year, law enforcement officers have been in danger of being overrun by hostile attackers in Portland. You probably did not hear this in the news. I do not know if this has read more..


Dispatch 22: Telecommunications in United States is Terrible

Just finished interview with my friend Sargis Sangari who is running for US Congress. Very important that Americans like Sargis gain seats and work to turn this berg around. Note: you may have hear read more..


Dispatch 23: Thailand Uprising -- Danger on the Streets

I am American living in Thailand. Currently in Portland, Oregon, embarking on a journey around America to check our situation in United States. We got problems. So does Thailand. And Hong Kong, Taiw read more..


Dispatch 24: Return to America: Drugs, Drugs, Homeless, Drugs

Today, a long day. Out with an Army vet friend who did two EOD tours in Iraq. Name is Al Johnson. Al and I have been fighting China together around Asia since 2014. We've done more than our share to read more..


Dispatch 25: This video sums up Portland: must see

Do you want to know what bad governance brings? See this video. This could be downtown Portland. Once a jewel city, the sort of place everyone wants to see. Today, Portland is the place that I, as a read more..


Dispatch 26: America is Pretty Cool, and THE TWILIGHT ZONE

Lacey, Washington After many years overseas, I've now been home to America for a full month. Mostly, so far, in Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. Now in Lacey. Yesterday, I spent 13 hou read more..


US Bank Wiring Information

*Bank Name:     Bank of America *Branch Name:  Downtown Winter Haven Branch *ABA Routing Code:  026009593 *Branch Code: (Transit Number)  1633 *Branch Address: 510 W read more..


Thai Bank Wiring Information

For a Thai bank, there are eight locations.  Often donations are for 100 baht (about $3).  Transfers within the same bank can have no transfer costs, but bank to bank can be 20-35 baht, whic... read more..


Japanese Bank Wiring Information

----------------------------------------- 三菱東京UFJ銀行  神楽坂支店 ヨン マイケル フイリップ 普通預金 店番 052  口座番号 0295463 ----------------------------------------- 三菱東京UFJ銀行口座へ、寄付して下さった方へ。 銀行の取引明細には振込人の名前しか記載されま read more..


Dispatch 27: Pandemic Update

Lacey, Washington I'm out here sensing the ground and working on the network. Will soon make a serious fundraiser for a mobile communications/media vehicle that I will use to cover this around Amer read more..


Dispatch 29: Lacey, Washington -- corner support, and Presidential Debates

Six local people gathered today the four corners of Marvin Road and College. The peacefully waved support banners for two hours from 1500-1700. I went with my friend who is a 79 year-old retired Soldi... read more..


Dispatch 30: Thai and US Insurrection, and Insurgency

Pro-democracy protesters give the three-finger salute outside a station in Bangkok as rallies continued [Lillian Suwanrumpha/ AFP] Unedited morning thoughts: Recently, I was an expert witness on arb... read more..


Dispatch 31: Street Battles Philadelphia -- prepare for November and beyond America may soon face images of a police force scattered. Routed. Overrun. Black Hawk Down. General uprising shatters illusion of control. Or... read more..


Dispatch 32: Flat Screen Riots, The Virus -- the ECONOMY

Some quick, unedited thoughts. Much going on here so making this fast: You may have noticed the latest Flat Screen Riots in Philadelphia, New York, on the West Coast, and Here-and-There. Messages read more..



Dispatch 34: Important Update Portland/Vancouver: HIGH potential for violence this weekend

Some of this is out. Some you are hearing here first time. My information coming from law enforcement and other in-the-know sources Situation: Kevin Peterson, Jr. fired at police in Vancouver and w read more..

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