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October 2013
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Marine Statement on Bastion Attack

01 October 2013 Commandant Announces Decision in Afghanistan Attack Investigation HEADQUARTERS MARINE CORPS, Washington, D.C. - The Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen James F. Amos, has concluded t read more..


Afghanistan: A Bigger Monster

10 October 2013 Just months ago Pentagon officials dismissed the idea of a total pullout from Afghanistan.  Today we are on the verge of ending negotiations on our future there, leading to the read more..


Warning to Judge and Jurors in Grisham Trial

20 October 2013 Mouse mutilated and published by US soldier on trial: CJ Grisham This week, the trial of CJ Grisham ended in a hung jury.  A source in the courtroom told me that the jury was 5: read more..


The Trial That Won’t Go Away

23 October 2013 Written by: Barbara Lawrence Television dramas make trials look deceptively short, succinct, and neatly wrapped in a one hour package with ample time to raid the refrigerator.  ... read more..


An Army Ranger Gives an on Ground Account of the War in Grenada

DOD Oct 25, 2013 5:45 am - by Stephen TrujilloEdited by Jacob Siegel Stephen Trujillo was a combat medic with the 2d Ranger Battalion during the invasion of Grenada. Here is his first hand account o... read more..

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