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October 2011
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Soldiers' Angels October Newsletter 2011

Please click here to view the entire newsletter. read more..


Watch Your Step

10 October 2011Afghanistan The choice is yours.  If blood and guts are too much, the video at the end of this dispatch is not for you.  Do not click the button if your stomach is too weak read more..


Red Air: America’s Medevac Failure

4-4 Cav waiting to board helicopters for an air assault. 12 October 2011Afghanistan Most of our troops in Afghanistan never see combat.  The closest they get might be the occasional rocket atta... read more..


Thin Air

14 October 2011Nimruz Province, Afghanistan This lucky image was captured two days ago in the Dasht-e-Margo (Desert of Death.) The Baloch tribesman is a member of the Afghan National Police and was read more..


Moon over Afghanistan

15 October 2011Nimroz Province, Afghanistan This image was made several months back in Kabul, I believe.  The moon looks similar these nights out here near the Iranian border. Each evening, I read more..


Cutting Women in the Forgotten Province

20 October 2011Travels to Nimruz Province, Afghanistan Nimruz has been called the forgotten province, and it’s true.  During each of my two journeys to Nimruz, I talked with the governor and m read more..


Executive Summary: Crash of CH-47D Aircraft in Wardak Province, Afghanistan on 6 August 2011

Published: 22 October 2011 Please click here to view the entire Summary.... read more..


Golden Seconds

Golden Seconds Open Letter to Secretary of Defense Leon Panettaand President Barack Obama US Air Force "Pedro" helicopter 24 October 2011 Gentlemen, For the last seven years I have written about ... read more..


Kids, Emails, and Dustoffs

Sergeant Larson, 4-4 Cav, stands night guard in Zhari District, Afghanistan. Sergeant Larson got shot a day or two before. The bullet only ripped his gear. 25 October 2011 Two types of emails stop m... read more..


Machine Guns on Dustoffs

26 October 2011 A big thank you to everyone who is reaching out to civilian leadership on the matter of arming Dustoff helicopters.  If you have received letters such as the above, please send read more..


Dustoff Traction

27 October 2011 The plight of unarmed Army Dustoff helicopters is reaching many ears.  Yesterday, someone at a major newspaper asked me to write an Op-ed, and there are many other elements of pr... read more..

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