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YON: The Greatest Afghan War

Published today in: 01 October 2009 By Michael Yon The Greatest Afghanistan War has deteriorated so noticeably that one can now feel the enemy's growing pulse. Each month it beats steadier, stron... read more..


Nick Gurr: Reply to Michael Yon

Official News Blog of the UK Ministry of Defence « Defence News: 1 October 2009 | Main  | Defence Diary: 2 October 2009 » Thursday, 01 October 2009 Nick Gurr: Reply to Michael Yon Last week Micha... read more..


A Story From War

Published: 08 October 2009 “In April this year it became 2 Rifles’ dubious fortune to be sent to Sangin on a six-month tour. By mid-August their battle group, a composite force from various units b read more..



Market Garden A Remembrance During Time of War   Kandahar City, Afghanistan Slowly, surely, the city is being strangled.  Signaling the depth of our commitment, security forces are thi... read more..


Afghan Lunacy

[This dispatch was written by me in December 2008 in southern Afghanistan. It was never published though I recently found it in the unpublished archives. The photos came from the same period.] Publ... read more..



18 October 2009By Michael Yon The inbox was peppered with hyperlinks to Dexter Filkins’ story in the New York Times, Stanley McChrystal’s Long War.  One message came from Kathryn Lopez at National read more..


Afghanistan: Electrification Effort Loses Spark

21 October 2009 In 2008, I was trekking in the Himalayas in Nepal preparing for a return to Afghanistan. A message came from a British officer suggesting to end the trip and get to Afghanistan. Som read more..



A military watchdog gets it wrong on the debate over camouflage.By Michael YonSome things are not as they seem. Many people, for instance, seem to think Stars & Stripes is a military lapdog, but t... read more..

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