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October 2007
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Joe Galloway on the McCaffrey Report

19 October 07 Michael Yon notes: I have just wrapped up a very interesting trip with British soldiers in southern Iraq. We spent much time in mine fields near the Iranian border. The area looked read more..


Wall Street Journal Op-Ed of Interest

Victory Is Within Reach In Iraq By Michael A. Ledeen Should we declare victory over al Qaeda in the battle of Iraq? The very question would have seemed proof of dementia only a few months ago, read more..


Joe Galloway: Asking Too Much of Too Few

Michael Yon notes: Though I sharply disagree with much of what Joe writes, I always read his column: Asking Too Much of Too Few By Joseph L. Galloway McClatchy Newspapers Oct 24, 2007 Although read more..


24 Hours: 100 Countries

24 October 2007 Posted from Baghdad: In the past 24 hours, people from more than 100 countries visited this site: Albania Algeria Antigua And Barbuda Argentina Aruba Australia Austria Bahamas B read more..


The Perfect Evil: Coming to Roost

The cultivation of opium, 93 percent of whose world supply comes from Afghanistan, according to the United Nations is undermining everything the government and its international allies were trying to ... read more..

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