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8 Year-Old Wives, Lying Media — Incompetent Military/USG

We all know that Afghans sometimes take girls even 8 years old as wives. Remember what I said about some fish don’t mix well in the same aquarium. You are about to see a LOT of this in our aquarium read more..


Why are Israeli Ultra-Vaxxers, and Aussie Pandemic-Fascists…so infected?

Israel is about the most vaccinated place on earth. A bunch of pincushions lining up for boosters, yet they are so infected that countries like Sweden don’t want them. Meanwhile, the pandemic ‘expert... read more..


Afghan Rescue SITREP

Just off phone with Rick Clay. Rick is okay that I use his name. Rick Clay and team still have aircraft ready. Recall that Rick’s team had 3x jets at Kabul on 30 August. Rick believes his group has en... read more..


Report: 7 Armed Americans Arrested in Dubai

Interesting how they call this “rogue civilian operations” when the rogue US government caused all this. read more..


Rescuer from Winter Haven, Florida

Cory Mills who just did the first rescue just told me he is from Winter Haven, my hometown. We worked the same rescue but Cory and his team made it happen and succeeded. His op. But I have enough fi read more..


Taliban Not the Problem: US Government is the Problem

It's as if the U.S. Government, including the military, work for Taliban. By the way, I am not on vacation in Winter Haven. Am preparing to head back to theatre. Was important to knock out admin be read more..


Afghanistan; Just finished interview with John Batchelor

Many meetings. Heading over to Titusville now to combine meetings with tonight’s SpaceX flight. I’ll likely livestream the launch here on Locals. And in other ‘news’: read more..


I vote to let Assange go — Wikileaks made me look like a star, loL

Best free advertisement is leaked secret stuff, 😂. Also revealed Bill Roggio for the lightweight he is. ... read more..

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