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Dispatch 1: Portland and Vancouver

Last evening I landed in Portland, Oregon. Scene of much recent rebellion. There was fighting last night at the ICE building. Police were injured. I was not there and have not personally witnessed f read more..


Dispatch 2: Homeless in Portland -- terrible

My second day back in America: Just spent a long afternoon tooling around Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. No smoke from fires. Rains came just before I landed. Weather in the 60s and read more..


Dispatch 3: Return to America: Primitive Graffiti in Portland

When you are assessing the situation in your area, Watch the Graffiti. Make photographs. Remember what you can. Valuable. As I travel through America, I will make thousands of photos of graffiti. W read more..


Dispatch 4: Return to America: Ammo at Cabela’s, and more observations

A friend and I spent the afternoon of my third day back in America tooling around Vancouver, and into northern Oregon. In the outlying areas, if I did not already know there is a ‘hurricane,’ I wou read more..


Dispatch 5: Return to America: Guns & Ammo in Vancouver, Washington

Quick update: Visited a gun-store yesterday. There were density limits so we waited in a line of three people outside while others shopped. While we waited, this apparent Marine surplus vehicle arr read more..


Dispatch 6: Return to America: War Brewing

The situation grows. A quick, unedited stream of consciousness so I can keep studying: Yesterday violence spiked in numerous towns such as Louisville, Seattle, and Portland. Latest violence is not read more..


Dispatch 7: Return to America: Portland in State of Emergency

Proud Boys, Antifa, and others, are set to clash in about next 18 hours. I will be there. Proud Boys, Antifa, and others, are set to clash in about next 18 hours. I will be there. Very high chanc read more..


Dispatch 8: Return to America — Portland, Oregon: Eve of Battle, Yoga, Star Bucks, Pioneer Courthouse

This Portland morning is cool and dry. By the end of today, you likely will see Portland on national news. Now, still calm. Ten women and a man doing yoga in a square sandwiched by Starbucks and read more..


Dispatch 9: Return to America— Portland BLM and ANTIFA out Beyond Midnight

If this is their A-Team, am thinking their movement will lose support as time unfolds. read more..


Dispatch 10: Portland: Video I made with BLM/ANTIFA last night and this morning

Click through and also make sure to read the short narrative. Also, PLEASE DONATE! I need serious dollars to do this as safely as possible and travel around America to take inventory. Thank you f read more..


Dispatch 11: Return to America: Portland: Video I made of ANTIFA arrest last night.

There were maybe 15-20 arrest. I am unclear and in a rush today. Two arrests were for drone operation. read more..


Dispatch 12: Return to America: Portland -- No Police, No Peace

My sense after a week back in America: here in Portland, BLM/ANTIFA and other far-left factions are strong for limited action, but their life-force is being sapped. They seem to sense they are losin read more..


Dispatch 13: Portland Peril: Mayorial Election: ANTIFA and KKK are terror organizations

I've been talking with various law enforcement here in Portland. Morale very low. Chance they will walk off after next Mayorial election in November? I do not know, but that number is significantly read more..

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