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Today Lithuania: Unknown Iraqi Woman Suffering from Unknown Something

I made this video today at a migrant detention camp near the border of Lithuania, Belarus, Poland. ‘Migrants’ from dozens of countries have been weaponized by the Belarus dictator who has gone Full-E... read more..


Lithuanian Border Crisis Growing Fast

My estimate from here on the ground and talking with all the right people, including many migrants: This is about to explode. Lithuania needs help fast. Right now. At this rate, my guess is that Li read more..


This is the face of Fashtek

"It's not about community standards, it's about eradicating communities.Thankfully we still have Locals." - ed. read more..


Biden Policy Killing Children Here in Darien, Panama

Been a very long day. Especially so for thousands of migrants— victims of Biden policy here in Panama. I made this photo about an hour ago. Now must crash and wake up at 4 am for trip deep into j read more..


U.S. Policy Creating Hellscape in Panama — Every day is Mass Casualty Day

I just made this video in the jungle. The video and my written description are raw and unedited. read more..


Must See: My Epoch Times Interview -- death in the jungle

Please pass this along. Your financial support makes this possible: read more..


From the Afghanistan Archives: The Bridge.

11 March 2009. Read the full dispatch here: "The military axiom that “amateurs talk strategy while professionals talk logistics” has special meanin read more..


NEW EPISODE: War Reporter @michaelyon has spent many years in #Afghanistan. He knows how the #Taliban operates and how we got here. In a stunning interview, he warns of the coming read more..


Vein of Hell: Watch Opium/Heroin Prices in Europe/USA

Panama City, Panama -- Central America Taliban now controls the most enabled narco-state in human history. All while Colombia makes resurgence in this game. Watch as China -- the Fentanyl King who read more..


Afghanistan: State of Terror

Scenes that one sees too often in wars. Children casualties are the worst. Appears now that Taliban controls all major land border crossings. Kabul Airport -- not fully secure -- is the only way out ... read more..


Alison Morrow Afghanistan special show appearance

From Show Notes: "President Biden spoke publicly about the Taliban taking control of several key parts of Afghanistan, as Americans are trapped and people try to flee en masse. "The truth is, this read more..


IMPORTANT: Keeping Comms Up

From JBS Editor: "PLEASE JOIN MICHAELS TELEGRAM CHANNEL as a primary alternative to Twitter. Michael Yons SITREP Channel. Communication as well as other systems might be unreliable... read more..


Want to Know Something about Afghan fighting? I will tell you.

Please go to my Locals and Telegram channel for the most up to date information Mind-dump, sans edit I am a little sick -- possibly from being around ... read more..


Afghanistan: BEWARE of FISHING — Costly Scams, Deadly Traps

Information came in that Taliban may be capturing information from other Afghans such as telephone numbers, and using social media, to contact western marks. Beware of costly scams and deadly traps. ... read more..



I know there are more! A lot more. I want to vote for them. Make them the bosses to clean ranks and house! read more..


Am Going in War Room with Steve Bannon in 11 minutes I may go to region. Unclear yet. Please support my work: read more..


Taliban May be taking Kabul Airport now. Unclear. However…

I believe Taliban have not yet taken military side. Various evidence including direct communications, and am still watching aircraft move forward. read more..


Afghanistan: US Government Requesting information about people left behind

I deleted request from United States government for information about US Citizens and others left behind in Afghanistan. CENTCOM sent request earlier today. There is strong evidence US Government is ... read more..


Kabul by airport: Am told many mixed with Taliban speaking Arabic. ISIS/AQ with Taliban.

Airport still open. I may go to region. Unclear yet. Please support my work: read more..


Queensland, or Kabul?

Insanity shaking the earth. Keep steady. We will get through this. And they will pretend it never happened. I may go to region. Unclear yet. Please support my work: read more..


Our Young Brothers now Rest in Honor

When the hand reaches down, we must go. See you on the other side. read more..


Get Away from Kabul Airport

Stay inside and away from windows. Highly likelihood of major attack on the airport. If this occurs, there is high likelihood of US airstrikes and counter fire — which can fly for miles. I may go t read more..


Kabul Retreat: My latest War Room interview read more..


US Government Claims attack on ISIS-K

Let’s see…this means to find this credible I must believe Biden, Austin, Milley, and the people who got us into this. Same ones who left the border wide open. Trying to force mass vaccinations which read more..


Taliban Demands Afghans Hand Over Guns/Ammo

Anyone noticing a trend? read more..


Never Forget who brought you this crisis

From JBS. "Some names to remember. If you know any of the military "leaders" on this list that publicly said Biden would be a great leader, remind them they bear responsibility for the greatest trag... read more..


Kabul: Preparing More Attacks on Americans

Information war is ongoing. Social media posts are bountiful blaming Americans in whole or in part for all or most of the Afghan casualties in the attack that led to 13 American deaths and many woun read more..


US Retrograde from Afghanistan

My latest interview on War Room with Steve Bannon. Many important details. I may go to region. Unclear yet. I may simply return read more..


Kabul: US Forces in Swift Retrograde

We still have at least one C-17 on the ground. Another just turned on beacon in flight. A tanker is heading that direction. Several other C-17s recently left Afghan airspace and still flying. Accor read more..


Brits, Germans, Dutch, others: gone — USA collapsing forces

Americans are literally be left trapped at the gate with Taliban behind them. Biden seems to have abandoned thousands of Americans. I may go to region. Unclear yet. I may simply return to United St read more..

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