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Bomb at FOB Shank (Afghanistan)

Bomb at FOB Shank 2-3 miles distant. Casualties unknown.... read more..


Curiosity Did Not Land on Mars

09 August 2012 Curiosity did not land on Mars, but in the Dasht-i-Margo (Desert of Death) Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.  This looks amazingly like Afghanistan, including two small IED crater read more..


Fraud Allegations against Publisher Richard Vigilante

My previous publisher (I fired him) has been accused of fraud for not delivering large numbers of "Iraq: Inside the Inferno" that customers paid for. We are still having major problems with Vigilant read more..


Another Bad Week in Afghanistan

10 August 2012 Approximately 13 Coalition members have been killed over the period of a week.  In fact, this sad reality is normal.  There is another report today that three Special Forces read more..


Accused Scammers: Another Large Veteran's Charity

11 August 2012 Government and private watchdogs are on the heels of another large charity.  The charity Help Hospitalized Veterans is accused of scamming millions.  One of those watchdogs, read more..


GREEN on BLUE: Insider Attacks Rising

12 August 2012 It will be difficult to keep even a small Special Forces footprint in Afghanistan with these increasingly effective insider attacks.  And we do not hear a word of apology from Kar read more..


Mehrab Shot and Killed

12 August 2012 A sad message came from Afghanistan.  Mehrab, who is known to some readers of my website, has been shot and killed.  I and many others greatly liked Mehrab.  He took g read more..


10 Police Killed: An Update

14 August 2012 Last week it was reported that ten police were killed in Nimroz Province, Afghanistan.  In total, eleven were reported killed, including the assailant.  I got an interesting, read more..


Naked Angels: Busted

14 August 2012 The multi-million dollar charity Soldiers' Angels has funneled donations to a company owned in part by a son of the founder. The son's name is Brandon Varn. Mr. Varn and his partne read more..



Soldiers’ Angels Responds

15 August 2012 I asked board members of Soldiers’ Angels who owns the Soldiers’ Angels warehouse in San Antonio.   A Soldiers' Angel said I should ask a board member, and during due diligen read more..


ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

16 August 2012 KABUL, Afghanistan (August 16) – An Afghan and coalition security force conducted an operation in search of a group of insurgents in Nizam-e Shahid district, Herat province yesterday. read more..


ISW Publishes Must-Read Backgrounder on Israeli Integrated Missile Defense System

16 August 2012 Contact: Jessica Lewis(202) 293-5550This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak105166377b6d2934a59 read more..


Man-tracking Success in Australia

17 August 2012 This is an interesting account of tracking and counter-tracking after an ugly murder in Australia.  It was sent to me by The Scott Donelan Tracking School.  It is very diffic read more..


The Last Post

Written by Tim LynchAugust 17th, 2012 This will be the last post I write for the FRI blog.  If this is the first time you have seen this blog stop reading this right now and go back to October 2... read more..


ISAF Joint Command morning operational update: 18 August 2012

UNCLASSIFIED 2012-08-S-035For Immediate Release ISAF Joint Command morning operational update: 18 August 2012 KABUL, Afghanistan (August 18) – Afghan and coalition officials confirmed today one of ... read more..


Dishonorable Disclosures

19 August 2012 Many people have alerted me to a copyright violation of my work in this video. Thank you. There is a clear violation. And for that, for starters, I could demand that the video be remov read more..


ISAF Joint Command morning operational update: 19 August 2012

UNCLASSIFIED 2012-08-S-037 For Immediate Release ISAF Joint Command morning operational update KABUL, Afghanistan (August 19) – Afghan and coalition officials confirmed today that a senior Taliban... read more..


War Is Not Necessarily the Cause of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

20 August 2012 An interesting study of Danish troops and PTSD has been released.  (Link at the bottom.)  An informed group of people was talking about it on a private forum, where I saw thi read more..



20 August 2012 This is a bit technical, but of interest to the MEDEVAC community: J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2012 Aug;73(2 Suppl 1):S32-7. Impact of critical care-trained flight paramedics on c read more..


ISAF Joint Command morning operational update: 21 August 2012

UNCLASSIFIED 2012-08-S-041For Immediate Release ISAF Joint Command morning operational update KABUL, Afghanistan (August 21) – An Afghan and coalition security force conducted an operation in Watah... read more..


Dakota Meyer blasts Army brass in new book

21 August 2012 By Dan Lamothe - Staff writerPosted: Monday Aug 20, 2012 14:53:32 EDT WEST MILFORD, N.J. — During one of the Afghan war’s ugliest battles, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer was ne... read more..


ISAF Joint Command morning operational update: 22 August 2012

UNCLASSIFIED 2012-08-S-042For Immediate Release ISAF Joint Command morning operational update KABUL, Afghanistan (August 22) – An Afghan security force, supported by coalition forces, arrested a Ta... read more..

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