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GAO Says Pentagon's Officer PR Program Is Legal and Ethical

Published 02 August 2009 July 31, 2009By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers In another twist that raises new questions about a New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning story, the Government Accountabil... read more..



03 August 2009Sangin, AfghanistanThe bugs are not bad in this part of Afghanistan.  The scorched terrain is biologically boring.  Mice and ferret-like creatures dash around in the evenings read more..


Common Scenes & Common Thoughts

Common Scenes & Common Thoughts from Common Days & Nights   05 August 2009 The helicopter pilot wearing night vision goggles roared in so fast it looked as though he were crashing.&nbsp... read more..


Disturbing Developments

06 August 2009Sangin, AfghanistanPaul Mundt is a long-time friend from my Special Forces days.  Paul emailed today regarding some disturbing developments on the home front.  He emailed the f read more..


Pixie Dust

Thursday night, 06 August 2009AfghanistanI made this photo last night in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  This Landing Zone is very dangerous.  A few weeks ago, another helicopter was coming into this ... read more..


No Young Soldiers

10 August 2009Sangin, Afghanistan Daily dramas unfolded, including the bangs, booms and small-arms fire that punctuated the times.  At 1800, I was preparing to go to orders with 1 Platoon, A C read more..


Stars & Stripes

13 August 2009Reporting from Afghanistan: Not your typical job Posted August 12th, 2009 by Leo Shane in Stripes Central Back in 2006 I spent six weeks traveling around Afghanistan with various U.S. Ar read more..


The Kopp-Etchells Effect

17 August 2009Sangin, Afghanistan The roads are so littered with enemy bombs that nearly all transport and resupply to this base occurs by helicopter.  The pilots roar through the darkness, sw read more..


Do Americans Care about British Soldiers?

19 August 2009Helmand Province, Afghanistan A gunshot ripped through the darkness and a young British soldier fell dying on FOB Jackson.  I was just nearby talking on the satellite phone and saw the read more..


Afghanistan Elections Spot Report

20 August 2009This dispatch has been dictated by satellite phone due to communications difficulties.  My satellite gear has failed on election day.  I do not know how well the elections turned out in read more..


Bad Medicine

On Pharmacy Road 24 August 2009Helmand Province, Afghanistan The British soldiers of 2 Rifles had a mission:  clear and hold Pharmacy Road. FOB Jackson is currently home to Battlegroup headq... read more..


Important Update

Greetings, The British Ministry of Defence canceled my embed after today's dispatch.  Please Read "Bad Medicine". Next Stop U.S. Forces. Your Writer, Michael   ... read more..


The Kopp-Etchells Effect, Part II

27 August 2009My embed with British forces has ended.  Will be out with U.S. forces for the foreseeable future.  After that, will strike out alone into the wilds of Afghanistan.  There are two more st... read more..


Precision Voting

31 August 2009Helmand Province, Afghanistan The historical Afghan elections scheduled for 20 August were days away.   While the west mostly continued to vote for Afghanistan, the big question was, read more..

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