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August 2008
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America Supports You: Radio Program Hosts Freedom Walk Talk

By Samantha L. QuigleyAmerican Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON, Aug. 15, 2008 – Listeners who log on to listen to Stardust Radio’s “Talking with Heroes” program on Aug. 17 will learn how they can honor... read more..


Al Qaeda At 20 Dead Or Alive? -- Washington Post

August 17, 2008Al Qaeda At 20 Dead Or Alive?By Peter Bergen Two decades after al-Qaeda was founded in the Pakistani border city of Peshawar by Osama bin Laden and a handful of veterans of the war aga... read more..


U.S. warns of possible attacks at Afghan celebration

Associated Press KABUL, Afghanistan: Afghan leaders celebrated Independence Day on Monday with a small ceremony inside a fortified military compound, in marked contrast to the parade and public festi... read more..


Af-Pak Reporting

19 August 2008Michael Yon By now, no credible person denies the dramatic success that continues to manifest itself in Iraq. No doubt, there will be years of political dramas ahead for that country, a read more..


Joe Galloway: Farewell to an American Hero

Sadly, as I wait in an airport departure lounge, just days before returning to combat, a message came from Joe Galloway. And so, as I sit here reading Joe's latest column, I am less saddened than upli... read more..


No Victory Dances

23 August 2008 I hope to land in Afghanistan tomorrow, but as for tonight, I'm stuck in a hotel reading everything I can devour on Iraq and Afghanistan. An interesting interview with General Petraeus... read more..


Teaming up with Soldiers' Angels

02 September 2008Michael Yon Over the last nearly four years, I've watched in awe as our men and women in uniform changed the course of history. They have taken defeat and disaster and given us—and th read more..


Hurricane Afghanistan

28 August 2008Michael YonThe long journey back to Afghanistan is complete.  Starting in the mountains of Nepal, with several days’ walk to Pokhara, then a long drive to Kathmandu, a flight to Bangkok ... read more..

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