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August 2007
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Bread and a Circus, Part II of II

After fueling the trucks in the convoy, we headed to Baghdad to get the food. The trucks took an exit down a route that we did not follow, because it had not been cleared of bombs. Sometimes bombs are... read more..


The Ghosts of Anbar, Part I of IV

The Ghosts of Anbar Part One: The Paradox of Counterinsurgency The principles and imperatives discussed above reveal that COIN presents a complex and often unfamiliar set of missions and considera... read more..


The Ghosts of Anbar, Part II of IV

The Ghosts of Anbar, Part II of IV Through the window, clearly 7-15. Success in COIN operations requires small-unit leaders agile enough to transition among many types of missions and able to adap... read more..


Ghosts of Anbar Part III of IV

1-119. The presence of the rule of law is a major factor in assuring voluntary acceptance of a government’s authority and therefore its legitimacy. A government’s respect for preexisting and impersona read more..

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