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July 2021
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The Greece Wall we came to see: Michael Yon ( read more..


Now: Alexandroupoli, Greece

Chuck Holton and I are back from Bulgaria, now in Greece. Amazing all the borders we crossed and flights we made using one 72-hour PCR test for the CCP virus. 1) Panama to New York, JFK2) Newark read more..


NOW: US Forces in Greece

The pano was made by Chuck Holton just now using my Sony A9II. And so the resolution is actually far higher than you see here. We saw a train last evening with US tanks. Traced the tracks to this d read more..


‘Cultural Appropriation’ information combat I just spent months with Embera Indians, making new friends and learning new things. We see these manufac... read more..


Morocco: Weaponizing Migrants

Your donations make my work possible. Thank you! Now here goes: read more..


Important for Hong Kongers— share widely

Vilnius: Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Mantas Adomenas just told us in his office they fast-track Hong Kongers who wish to move to Lithuania. Get to any embassy and Lithuania will help, and if they ha read more..


IMPORTANT SITREP from Lithuania — Effects on Lithuania/EU

Belarus Weaponizing ‘Migration’ through Lithuania to EU: This fence only a few hundred meters long. This and some cameras are the main Lithuanian defence. Europe better do something fast or this ma read more..


Lithuania Stands Strong against CCP: While Cowards at NBA wear Chains around their necks read more..


Target: Our Mission — Soviet Forces in Poland — Kill Them

Photo: No known restrictions on publication. CBS Eye on the World with John Batchelor. CBS Audio Network. @Batchelorshow I made this this interview last night on CBS with John Batchelor. Discussing a... read more..


South Africa: Race War appears to be accelerating

Looks like they may get the race war in South Africa that some idiots think they want: read more..


Congressman Burgess Owens -- a Serious Man

Recently, I spent more than three days with Congressman Owens in extraordinary conditions.  I came away with very positive impression, increased respect, and supportive of his leadership: &nb read more..


American Thought Leaders -- one of the best programs out there

Jan Jekielek is the host. Jan actually went onto the streets with me into Hong Kong action. Respect. We also met up in Washington, D.C. The man gets around. Look at the quality of guests on his sho read more..


And God Spoketh... Patreon encourages, "Honestly, write anything -- your patrons would love it." That might be true, but Patreon would can read more..


Keep Stocking Up on Food, Water Security, other needed to weather long storm Food prices will continue to rise — 90 percent chance, according to me. Remember that I started beating this drum hard read more..


Have we really learned the lesson of "Never Again" from the Holocaust? -- Holocaust Museum Today in Vilnius, Lithuania

Quick note. Am in Vilnius street. Epicenter of horrific genocides and tremendous repression’s of many sorts, including Nazi and Communist. Genocide is all about conditions. Today, CCP is setting read more..

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