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July 2019
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Hong Kong: Storming the Legislature

I was there, inside the building just hours ago. Got a nice teargas cleansing while leaving, too. Some of my enemies wonder how I just stumble from country to country and end up in the middle of hi... read more..


Hong Kong: False Flag?

I smell false flag from last night siege of legislative council building. This was basically equivalent to breaking into US Senate or British Parliament or Japanese Diet...remember the Thai Government... read more..


Government Center Seized in Hong Kong: History unfolding as Legislative Council seized -- and I was there inside

Significant events are unfolding here in Hong Kong. (This was last night) Last night, protestors (or maybe APs: agent provocateurs) stormed the Legislative Council building. People here often call read more..


Hong Kong and the World: all this and much more BS within 30 second walk

Bullshit piling up so fast we “need wings to stay above it.” The “hunger strike” with energy drinks is still on about 30 seconds from me now. Probably gaining weight. Seconds walk away f read more..



The Dragon-Wolf in Nepal: "Nepal stops Tibetan refugees from celebrating Dalai Lama's birthday"

Photo from: Tibetans ran from the Chinese-wolf and mostly abandoned Tibet. Now the Chinese pursue them because wolves always pick off the weakest first. Sorry...but I don'... read more..


Sugar: The most destructive drug in human history

This may sound wild and hyperbolic to 99% of people, but the other 1% who have looked into sugar know what I am talking about. Sugar is the ultimate sour drug. The effects of sugar addictions ha read more..

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