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June 2021
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The Jungle Deep read more..


A Very Superb Video

If you could speak ten languages completely fluently, at the snap of a finger...which would you choose? Since they all will be completely fluent, the order does not matter. I would choose these: read more..


Nonsense: I was masked up by 11-12 January 2020

And Steve Bannon, a man people love to hate, named his show War Room PANDEMIC in January 2020. I was one of the first guests and I had noticed the potential pandemic by at least December 2019. A read more..


Migrants Falling Dead: Important Interview with Congressman Tom Tiffany

Your support makes this work possible. The crimes against humanity unfolding here are not the faults of the migrants, Colombia, or Panama. These crimes are products of U.S. policy. Embera Indian read more..


Hong Kong 612 — this was the day

This was the day in 2019 that I aborted research trip to India and packed for Hong Kong. I had just of own volition updated vaccines for India when I correctly and publicly in writing said these do read more..


Have You Noticed Dearth of Books on 1976 Swine Flu Vaccination Program?

Panama City, Panama Mind-dump, sans-edit I’ve read almost 60 books on pandemics yet not a single book on the 1976 vaccination program. There is a new book on Amazon but sounds conspiratorial. Thi read more..


Adventures in Multi-Continent Migration: My latest interview with John Batchelor

Incredible journeys: read more..


Panama Foreign Minister Follows our Lead

Panama Foreign Minister joins battle to save lives. Excellent: htt read more..


Adventures in Migration

My latest interview with Frank Gaffney. read more..


Hurricane America: You Are Here — and I am migrating to here…

United States is barreling into civil war. I predicted far back in January 2020 that 2021 would be dangerous, and as 2020 unfolded I specifically predicted roughly April-May with increasing violence read more..


Darien Gap: Love Lost in the Jungle

Panama City, PanamaMind-burst, sans edit (Paraphrasing from memory but I have verbatim transcript.) Just interviewed a man who was in Darien jungle 22 days. He made it to Costa Rica. In San Jose n read more..


Huge — Massive implications

What do you think? read more..


Afghanistan Lost

Panama City, PanamaMind burst, sans-edit Just go back to 2006 and read my dozen major dispatches on losing the war in Afghanistan. At that time, millions of people regularly read my Iraq and Afghan read more..


Stuck on Runway in New Jersey: Reason...

... need another 30,000 pounds of fuel. Truck ran out so we are waiting on another truck. A pilot friend told me they are having fuel truck problems at many airports. And like magic... All three read more..


Patreon: The Bird is in Jack Conte’s Hands

Jack Conte’s Patreon has threatened to destroy our home here. To burn it down. With a single match. Years of works. Much risk. Many sleepless nights. And generous donors from around the world. You read more..

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