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June 2021
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The Jungle Deep read more..


A Very Superb Video

If you could speak ten languages completely fluently, at the snap of a finger...which would you choose? Since they all will be completely fluent, the order does not matter. I would choose these: read more..


Nonsense: I was masked up by 11-12 January 2020

And Steve Bannon, a man people love to hate, named his show War Room PANDEMIC in January 2020. I was one of the first guests and I had noticed the potential pandemic by at least December 2019. A read more..


Migrants Falling Dead: Important Interview with Congressman Tom Tiffany

Your support makes this work possible. The crimes against humanity unfolding here are not the faults of the migrants, Colombia, or Panama. These crimes are products of U.S. policy. Embera Indian read more..


Hong Kong 612 — this was the day

This was the day in 2019 that I aborted research trip to India and packed for Hong Kong. I had just of own volition updated vaccines for India when I correctly and publicly in writing said these do read more..

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